NYC Cruiser | ~$500 Build | Freeride Blank | SK3 6374 | HK Mount | 10s6p Ebay Batts | VESC

First Post! Full build is below. If anyone has thoughts or comments on the build I’d love to hear them. I think this site has given me a pretty good handle on everything but I’d love additional thoughts.

I’d like to start by thanking the entire community for creating this great site. It is a huge source of information as I’ve been planning this build!

Ironically (maybe?) I did a good bit of research before I signed up for an account so I’m currently waiting for my ability to post this to be unlocked :grin:


Looking to make this board into something I can ride during my daily routine in NYC (GF’s apartment, stores, gym, etc.). Current total build is ending up around $500 - but I’ve tried to pick components that I could grow into (or could be repurposed) and which would provide solid performance. If I really end up liking riding I’ll probably build either a higher performance board or a super compact board (for getting around NYC) in the future.

Parts List

I’ve included a cost / order breakdown and also why I selected each piece - I didn’t include misc items like wiring and connectors but obviously there are some additional items that will need to be added:

Hobby King $108.52 Motor - SK3 6374 - Thought process was that this seems like a good balance of torque and top end speed that will be a nice balance in NYC. Amperage seems appropriate for my VESC and battery pack.

Mount - Thought I’d give it a shot for 10 bucks and see how it does but I’m really liking some of the custom mounts with idlers from the forum so I could see this being upgraded if I enjoy this.

Ebay $189.56 Trucks - 10’’ Caliber II - Basic trucks… I went with 44 degree vs. 50 degree given comments on stability.

Wheels - Flywheel Clones

Batteries Semi DIY 18650 - Probably the most controversial item in my build. These will probably be very bulky long term and have amperage limitations but I’m pretty new so to be honest I don’t see myself pushing them on the streets of NYC (though who knows maybe that will change!). Also I have alternative uses for them See the wiring diagram at the bottom of the post or in a follow up post (not sure how to do it). Theoretically if these BMS’s work then the whole thing should be able to be charged in parallel via a cheap 42v 2a charger though it will take a while to charge them. I COULD also add a 4th pack but now you’re talking a 10lb battery or something like that.

Remote Ebay Mini 2.4 GHZ $40.74 Deck looks relatively similar to boosted board - My only concern here is that I’m going to be fitting several big battery packs under the board and it could be pretty flexy… I’ve been giving this a little thought and may split the components/battery front and back the same way a boosted board does it. I don’t have enough experience to know but we shall see.

$119.54 VESC and Servo Connector collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller Modular Wire Extensions Connects collections/electrical-connectors/products/wire-extensions-4mm-to-5-5mm

Forum $40.00 - Haven’t ordered yet but should be soon Pulley 15mm

Total $498.36

Wiring Diagram

I’m not sure if this will work but I will try to add it later if I can. I haven’t seen the BMSs yet so I will add that detail and more details on the batteries themselves if helpful.

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Motor to Vesc is not an xt 60. It’s 3 barrel plugs.


Oh wow yea you’re right… I literally have an adapter in my parts list and missed that thanks! Going to swap it out in the image.

Hola. Las ruedas de eBay la has probado?? Están bien??

U can use an MR60 connector…

Can the MR60 handle higher currently like the xt60 can handle 90a cont?

If so they would be perfect… :heart_eyes:

XT60 and MR60 are rated for 60A continuous. Of course they can do more…

I also think that 60A in motor is not 60A continous… one phase is off for a very short time. I think its not a problem to run an MR60 on more current. Anyway u cant put big enough wires into that solder point.

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