NYC E-Skate Thursday in Prospect Park

Doing a day of cruising the parks for anyone who has an e-board and lives in or near the NYC area. Its supposed to be 70 degrees out! We’ll be meeting at Prospect Park for a day of riding!

Keep track of our weekly events at our new facebook group.

Meet at the Starbucks at 164 Park Place, Brooklyn, New York 11217, charge up and hit prospect park for some cruising!

Join the whatsapp group to speak to us live if you’re running behind or want to meet mid day and cant be there at the start. Also join the whatsapp to get in on the live conversation!

Meet at 12:30-1 at the Starbucks

my esk8 isn’t built yet! darn! have fun guys im missing out big-time.

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@faithfulpuppy Join the facebook and when you get your board built come join us! :slight_smile: I’d love to see some DIY stuff in the group. Too many friggin boosted boards :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a leiftech rider myself but I think I’ll probably have a friend help me make a DIY Trampa for my next board.

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