Nyko Kama Random Accelerations?

Ok…so my Kama remote/board will every so often begin randomly accelerating on its own. This typically happens after a hard acceleration or high speed. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a solution? Wheb it does occur, I can tap the brakes and cutoff the acceleration by sending a new signal. Therefore, I’m assuming it’s an interference issue, and definitely not safe. I’ve nearly died a few times…:joy:

All help is appreciated because I love the remote otherwise!!

the kama had some known issues which is why most people have stopped using them. a replacement is coming soon, get yourself a mini remote till then!!

have you soldered the board from the kama reciever to the ESC directly?

You are getting dropouts. I got this even when after i soldered the board directly to the ESC.

Get a gt2b and call it day/

Hmm :confused: ya

As bad as it sounds, I have gotten use to the accelerations. I am not sure what happened with you, but when I feel the board accelarating on its own I tap the brake to send a new signal and it stops. I am to the point that I can do it almost instantly…I just love the feeling of the Kama…

have you soldered it or not?

No, I don’t want to ruin the housing on the board knowing my solder skills :smile:

Did this work for you?

yes. soldering properly solved all kama problems for me.

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Wow! Thanks for the demo vid and sick profile by the way! I just followed you aha how many boards do you have??..

uhh, a lot.

I have a problem.

rofl…I have one and a second one in the works…I think I know how you feel baha