Nylon 36T Kegel Pulley 15mm wide

Help a brother out,

Unfortunately I dont own a 3D printer yet and the fiancee does not justify buying a Prusa MK3 to print this pulley :roll_eyes:. I’m upgrading my bigfoot wheels to Caguamas and currently looking for some 3D printed nylon 36T Kegel Pulley . Ideally they should be press on to swap them out quickly when I feel like taking them out on a cruise and compatible with stock Caliber II but I have the tools to grind down the hanger.

I’ve found some on Miami electric but dont need the motor pulley and have a couple laying around.

I would also consider any reasonable used aluminum for the right price shipped to Los Angeles Thanks again!


I have pulleys for sale for 10Euros / pulley :slight_smile:

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NVM I just snagged some from @JLabs BKB BlackFriday Sale! Screenshot_20181123-101106_Chrome