Off-road rubber tire for Belt-motor Electric Skateboard

IMG_2412 Do anyone like this? If somebody interesting it. you can send us email: [email protected]


??mm Side view?

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should be skullboard rubber tires so 110 mm


Didn’t recognize them, thanks



Those are interesting

My bad apparently it’s not skullboard’s !!

very interesting with kegel core where can we get our hands on those ?

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Cost of 4? Come with pullys possibility?

Only for belt motors,like Boosted board.

Yes, Cost of 4. Within bearings or without bearingsIMG_2424

As long as they use standard skate bearings, then without.

What is the price ? Can you give a link to buy ?

Yes, standard skate bearings with 608.

Do you have boosted board yet? It’s just only sample. Order need waiting 10-15days

No boosted, but have belt drive

I don’t need boosted board to use this, I have a belt drive and even carvon V4 I can use with these What is the price ?

You need this Drive Gear. Boosted-Board-Drive-Gear

it´s just the pulley. can be 3D printed. that´s not the problem.

What you think a set of 4 will cost?

You sell it with the drive gear?

If so, how much?

No with the drive gear.