Off White [Kaly.Nyc idea based trampa] [Trampa, Gummies, 12S]

Well well well, this is my 4th build already this year? Better call me Mr build it all soon.

Always been crazy about the idea of a Kaly.Nyc, but never really liked Trampa or most Trampa builds but Kaly.Nyc has really grown on me.

I always used Streetboards, in hope that it would be whats legal one day but looking at how things are now I may as well just make a “Trampa” and not care about it being legal or not since nothing will be the looks of it.

My goal with this build is not to make a board that can be ridden anywhere, or have an insane range but rather just a freaking sexy board with lots of power and an amazing riding comfort.

First time dealing with Trampa parts so don’t judge!

Parts list: Trampa Superstar Hub, White gloss with Black Spokes + 125mm Gummies. Trampa Infinity Baseplate, Trampa Vertigo Truck. Trampa Carver Deck 14Ply. Eboosted Trampa Enclosure Trampa Carver. 2x Idea Trampa Spring Series Mounts. 2x Idea 60T Superstar Pulley. 2x Idea 15T Motor Pulley. 2x Enertion FocBox. Firefly Remote. Flipsky 190KV 6354. 12S4P Samsung 30Q.

To do list: Mount enclosure. Make battery. Config Vesc. Cut Griptape.


@Winfly compression pack, or nese modules or vruzend v2.

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Those would work with a Eboosted Enclosure? That’s what I’m worried about.

The added bulk by the plastic would make it not fit or a very right fit.

Idk really, just tossing ideas on the table. Why not commission a battery pack from EU ? Just specify the p count and you can solder series connections by yourself.

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Added expense, For this to be possible I have to use almost no money for other people to do work for me.

Paying 150 - 200 Euro for someone to ship and spotweld some welds for me would make it a bit harder for me to complete this on time.

Also, I would love to be able to upgrade on it myself in the future, if I can make a pack without spot-welding now I can just take out the cells later and get some that are better by just swapping.

If you wanna save cash, why dont you get the mounts and pulleys straight from trampa?

they cheaper than unik

I really dont like their mounts, im not a fan of those bulky big mounts.

Also the pulleys they have dont work with the other mounts, without using spacers and stuff that makes it looks pretty bad.

If i can find a solution without a spot welder for the battery i can get everything with money to spare, but i dont wanna put out 150 - 200 euro for someone to spotweld me some packs when a decent spotwelder can be bought in China for like 100 euro i can bring back with me.

How are these bulky?

265 euro for motor mounts and pulleys is a solid 100 euro saving compared to Unik

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for gummies, they are even cheaper

i was running dual 6374 190kV on gummies with 44th and the torque was a bit…naaahja… as min for me. If you will get lower kV later than don´t mind about it, should work good.

All the pictures ive seen online had big bulky mounts, im looking at something like Kalys.

Also uniks set would be around 241 gbp, then 10 euro shipping or 15 i have a local place where i will get the belts so those are cheap.

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241 wont include the pulleys though?

That will be with the 44t pulley, i already have the motor pulley.

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@Acido is doing EU battery packs


Yep, its just i really dont wanna pay someone for work i can do myself.

I can just next time i go to China pay 600RMB (76euro) for a SUNKKO 787A+ bring it with me back home and sell it again for the same price if i wanted to weld.

The nickel strips and fishpaper over in China is also almost nothing for what they use on prebuilt packs, but yeah.

So currently looking at my options on spotweld packs i can sort myself, for future upgrading.

But im looking at the ones Grozniy wrote and see what may fit.

are those with the short plate? the long one looks horrible on the carve. and the axle suport kit just makes sense if you have a motor with a really long shaft like the torqueboard motors

you can have a look on the mounts from @idea too. they very compact and look great, for a great price :wink:

This is what im aiming for in terms of mount height and bulk.



Yeah something like this looks great.