Official RipTide Sports Custom eSk8 Tunnel Riser "Group Buy" [Completed]

Ok guys here we all have a chance to create a product just for eSk8! For those that are not up to speed, let me give you a quick run-down :rocket:

As per @Alphamail’s topic:

As per the topic Brad has offered to make us a custom eSk8 tunnel riser for $15 USD ea…

For those of you who do not know Brad or RipTide Sports they produce some of arguably the best quality skate bushings in the world, as well as pivot tubes/cups & some really cool foot-stops. From my experience of their product the thane pour quality is as good or better than anyone else in the industry, bubbles and imperfections are so minimal to be non-existant. As well producing a 1st quality product Riptide also supports skaters, events and now eSk8’ers like us through sponsorship or production of thane parts. This last bit is important to me, RipTide are not selling someone else’s product and they are active in our culture. Hell the reason MoeBro (@MoeStooge) got to ride his eSk8 (that Brad helped him develop bushings for) at Tepe & Taco was in no small part to Brads help.

So If any of you are even thinking that one day you might like a high quality custom riser that can also route your motor wires and even a head/rear light through, get on board now!

Everything is already set up to make this happen, this will not be like those other unfulfilled group buys that are still undelivered 6 months later. RipTide have the ability and the runs on the board to deliver this product to us in a timely manner with 1st rate quality as this is what they have been doing for longer than most of you have been skating.

Now the nitty-gritty, the down-low, the dirty-details that will make this work :call_me_hand:

Everything is set up to do this, let me know if you have any questions. Just go to:

Purchase a gift certificate for the # you want X $15.00 each and leave a note that the $ is for the Tunnel Risers with your shipping address and the desired color using the FootStop colors as your guide. If the project is launched after 2 weeks, you will be invoiced for shipping (and tax if you are a CA resident) when the parts are ready to ship. Thank you for your understanding for us doing it this way but we are a bit risk averse due to recent events!

If by some crazy twilight reality we do not reach critical mass all gift certificates will be 100% refunded.

So basically this is a slamdunk, support those in the industry who support you, no risk money, but money down, and who knows what we will develop together next!

I am finalizing our target timeline with Brad now and will update this post when it is finalized for shipping dates.

the riser: imperial/ Tunnel Riser rev c inches metric/ Tunnel Riser rev c mm

Tunnel Riser rev mold comp a

and picture of the colours available… this bit gets me, I think it is amazing RipTide are actually giving us a choice of colour!



Please everyone get on this!!! I already got my order in, I really want these!!

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Thank you for your help with this @Cobber, you are a legend!


I’m getting a 404 at


thankyou @deucesdown & @b264, should be fixed.


Oh…I’m in for this! Does the $15 include shipping?

Edit: Just saw you will be invoiced for shipping :slight_smile:


No sorry Bro this is a short run custom pour by RipTide for us that is also available in custom colours (I find this amazing!). Something only a actual manufacturer could do. If need be if we get enough Euro interest we could arrange a Euro distribution point if other regulars want to help?


Just ordered 2 :slight_smile:


In for 2 more; 4 total


It’s weird, I feel since I got the 3d printer I can print this sort of stuff full custom with flex filament. But I’m definitely getting a few… Thanks @Cobber @Alphamail


stupid question, is it $15 for a set of 2, or just one?

either way, I’m getting a few


Good question actually, price is per each


excellent! putting in an order for 3 now.


Oh I thought the $15 was for a set, I guess I need to do another $15 gift certificate now!

So just to make 100% sure, for a complete set up, it would be $30 in total right?


Yes it is $15 USD per riser

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Folks don’t forget how awesome these can be if you get one of the clear colors and you can mod it to have LEDs inside… so your tunnel risers glow :wink:


This is really designed for the end you want to route wires through so unless you are making a 4WD, or making multiple builds, one should do it. There are plenty of good risers out there if you want to just keep the deck level with the Tunnel Riser


Yeah I have a foot stop in the lime green as per above on my cf limelite, the pour quality is awesome. It is like crystal lime jube clear… it would glow! Maybe a yellow/green up front and a red/orange out back…


omg…yea I’m an idiot. I wasn’t thinking properly there! I’ll just get a regular riser to match the height of this one!

Thanks for pardoning my ignorance there! Hopefully this thread grabs you enough traction to get these made!


Using the tunnel risers on the front still helps if you want to run wires for lights, switches, or battery gauges. Plus then they match. And you can mod LEDs in them.