Offroad deck, advice needed

hi, i finished my esk8, dual 6374 190kv. on tb218mm trucks. Currently with 100mm mbs wheels. I want to switch to on offroad esk8, so i orderd some 6inch tires. But the problem is, ofroad wheels does not fit under my current deck… maximum 200EU for a deck is reasonable my question: is there an deck that look mountainboard but fits longboard trucks?? Also i dont want to spend lots of money on deck… Any advice would be nice :slight_smile:



Not allot of cash could be a boatload of money to someone else…so, I have no idea what your budget actually is with the description you provided and may be wasting my time by replying.

Landyachtz Evo 39 would be one deck. Just search the forum for build threads mentioning that specific truck and you will easily find additional options.

How much space are you off by? You could throw some truck risers and see if it gives you enough room to prevent wheel bite.

If you have to swap out the deck, look for some deck with sort of a cut out there. The evo like @telnoi recommended is an amazing deck. You’ll have plenty of room and its naturally wedged and de-wedged for higher speeds.

What would be your price limit? You could always go all out and get a red ember deck from @treenutter

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there was a guy a while back on the forum that made a metal plate to extend the trucks away from the board a bit. i think you’d be able to squeeze 6" 'ers on with it.

this guy

Hummie deck…

Slick Revolution has top-mount decks and enclosures, on sale:

hope this helps