Offroad E-Skateboard + parts for Li-ion battery

The board is 44” long, with 10” tall tires! It will ride over rocks, sand, mud, or grass with ease. I’ve replaced the knobby tires with smoother rolling tires for better handling. I will include the knobbies with this. I also have a 10s6p battery (made from high end Sanyo cells) that I’ll include. The battery needs some finishing touches though as the welder I used didn’t connect the nickel strips very well. When the battery worked I got 15 miles on a test run and had some charge left.

Manufacturer description. MotoTec’s off-road electric skateboard is fitted with two 800 watt motors. One on each monstrously large rear wheel. . With a total of 1,600 watts of power, the off-road skateboard hits a top speed of 22 MPH and can even accelerate from 0 - 15 mph in 3.5 seconds. A 36 volt, 14 ah battery gets you up to 10 miles of off-road ride time.

Asking $400 for the board and battery.

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Where are you located ? Nice board

I’m in Utah. Happy to ship anywhere for actual cost. I have a corporate shopping account so it’s easy and inexpensive.

Sorry, but this battery is a ticking bomb. Please just bring it to a place where they take old battery packs. Don’t send this pack out like this! You bring other people in danger!


Yeah i have to agree with andy, it looks very dangerous, i wouldn’t have this in my house

Thanks for the concern. What exactly is dangerous about the battery? Please help educate me because your ambiguity with these claims make you look like paranoid little girls. I followed videos and link I found on this site to build the battery. Please share specifics if you have them, otherwise you should probably not say anything. just my opinion.

Just because you follow instructions doesn’t mean they are correct and safe.

And judging by how the battery looks, it’s definitely not correct and not safe.

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You nickel strip is literally lifting from the images, also you didn’t use fishpaper rings

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Thank you for some proper feedback. The batteries have an insulator built in to the positive terminal. Is the paper still needed? Yeah the strips are popping due to a bad weld. That is being fixed when I get a new welder.

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1)your welds are not welded good. If you have one cell disonnected during ride, that group will discharge faster. This will bring disbalance between groups and it will probably kill your bms or bms just could not balance groups because of too big voltage difference. There is another problem too. If one cell is disconnected and during ride it touches back nickel (aka connects back in parallel), there will be instant flow of current to that one cell (group will balance itself in a moment) and that could be too much for it, especially if voltage difference is big.

2)no insulation rings on + end

3)soldered wire doesn’t look like its soldered good.

4)you didnt put few layers of nickel under main negative wire. Why you should do it? Because on negative (-) of your battery, just one nickel strip will have to carry current of 4 cells in group and that could be too much

5)your balance wires are all over the place. Put some fishpaper between them and cells and secure them with hot glue or tape in place. Also take care that they don’t cross each other. If they have to, put fishpaper between

6)I dont see any fishpaper between groups

7)both positive and negative main silicone wires are wired over nickel of another groups, and that nickel has sharp corners which could pierce silicone and cause short

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This is your first indication that the battery was built improperly. Your second indication may be a raging fire. I’m not trying to be mean, I hope nothing catches fire. But these things are dangerous even when constructed properly.

Say safe, friend!

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Youre extremely lucky that the outside casing of a cell is negative, otherwise you would have had a fireworks show by now :face_with_monocle:

Here are some photos of packs build by professionals:

To be fair, not all packs have to be build with such standards or safety equipment… but in the end its up to the end user.

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Also the small detail : the 2 red wires soldered together and isolated with a small bit of kapton tape…

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I’d take it for $250 shipped for the sake of science.