Offtopic - spanish eboard community


there is not much information about eboards in spanish, so i decided to help my fellows with this website

i hope i can help as many people as this community :slight_smile:

thank you for helping me to build my first eboad!!

@JohnnyMeduse @JLabs @Jinra @link5505 @itsmikeholland @TarzanHBK @crameur @ra.rend @paul775 @lox897


and also thanks to @Namasaki @Blasto :slight_smile:

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Hey miquelcamps thats a really good idea ill check that link later

That is a great idea!

Donde vive? I’m in Madrid if you’d like to meet up sometime. I’m down by rio Mazanares…nice place to ride.

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i,m north of miami. in hollywood florida, very flat over here…hope to get my board soon (dual enertion)… maybe drive east to fort lauderdale beach and try it out. @monkey32…My grandparents were from galicia and canary islands on my mom’s side.