Oh dear, I see another obsession coming on. Quick fun Build!

OK, so I am an overweight guy push’n 50 who thought it would be fun to skateboard with my 12yo son. Bless his heart, he bought me a $45 longboard from K-Mart so I could ride with him. Never been on a skate board in my life, but after a few bruises, I started having fun. Being a lazy arse, I figured that the only way I could keep up with him is by cheating ! I ordered some cheap crap from E-bay, cracked the shitz trying to make it work and bought some better stuff from enertion. Today, I slapped the bits together and it managed to drag my fat arse down the road with a big smile on my face !

*K-Mart longboard (Australia) deck and trucks *Bones bearing *Cheap ebay motor N5065 320Kv (KV too high in hindsight) *Cheap ebay motor mount (With dremel mods and lots of epoxy ! ) *enertion VESC *enertion 12mm pulley kit *enertion wheels *Puffy old 6s, 5000mha LiPo *Old wiring loom from my ebike

  • 2.4Ghz remote from old RC car

Got some work ahead to polish this.


Young at heart! :grin: