OK, I'm an idiot

So I’m building a 12s5p battery with PCB backers.

Everything is going swell except for one thing…



FML. One pack only, which is a small miracle.

I need your professional opinions here, add the insulators or skip them?

For context, there is what the tabs look like when they’re flat (sorry for potato-cam):


And here’s what every other pack looks like:


I guess I can clip the insulators and wedge them under, but its going to be a royal pain in the ass X5.

What you think?



ripping the spot welds off will be an even bigger pita, then you loose your nice smooth surface

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skip it.

because your fuse wire is fixed to the pcb, and the pcb itself doesn’t flex, the chance of the nickel strip moving around, fraying the anode/cathode insulator is even more minimized.

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you can make just a linear cut on the insulator ring and then make it slide, I would make in this way :slight_smile: Btw they have adhesive so it shouldn’t be difficoult make its re-have their original form


Thought it was just me who did shit like that lol. can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the shrink wrap on connectors etc. Definitely put them on though. With batteries its always best to err on the side of caution.

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you could just cut the bent part and weld another one on it or try to peel it off put like some insulation tape/piece of paper/ fishpaper if you have it that big

cut your rings in half and push them under the tabs.


OK. Sounds like the general consensus is to add the insulators.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!

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This looks like a really nice way of cell fusing ! Did you cut the small piece of metal you spot weld on the battery yourself or can you buy it ? The fuse wires are solded to some PCB layer or a thicker piece of metal fixed on the PCB ?

All the tabs are cnc’d from 0.15 nickel sheet. royal pain in the ass. I should have tried having them laser-cut.

If you want the .dxf’s i’ll post them.

I’m not selling them. They take too much time to produce and the cleanup is long and tedious. Materials cost alone is $40, then the cnc time + cleanup time would be $200+ for a full set of 120 tabs.

/edit i was wrong. 0.2 sheet

ouch, for that price the chinese guys would have hooked you up with maybe a thousand tabs D:

yeah, id still be waiting though. is ok. almost done! :smiley:




Where did you get the nickel sheets?

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Here you go @L3chef

Yup I saw that but I’m looking for the source of the sheets :slight_smile: like alibaba vendor or where ever he got them

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Don’t know why it only quoated the dfx but whatever :joy:

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Thanks for the explanation. Could you post an image of the side of your battery block showing the bus bar to which you connect the fuses ?



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