Ol' Zippy | Bamboo deck | Randall clones | sk3 6364 | 3D printed mount | 6s | VESC

I’ve been interested in electric skateboards ever since I saw somebody make a very crude one with a 2x4, battery, and esc stuck on a board. I have access to milling / welding equipment, but for now I’ve been playing around with modifying this 3d printed mount because I’m not sure exactly what I want right now. Still waiting on a VESC from diyelectricskateboards / @torqueboards right now, but have everything else and should be able to test real soon .

The mount actually printed crooked due to printing on the side of the print bed. I might just leave it as is, use some washers to make the motor straighter, or just print another mount. It was printed at 100% infill PLA and is stuck really tightly on there, once it’s ready to ride I plan on putting zipties to make it extra secure even with vibrations. Originally I was going to use a putty, but it’s really tight so I think it’ll be fine. I’m interested to see how it holds up.

This is a fairly standard build except the 3d printed parts. From my research most 3d printed parts end up failing, but some mounts (including the base mount I’m using) have lasted > 50km. I think my improvements to the mount will make it be even better.

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I like the mount design although I never seen someone successfully ride an eboard with a 3D printed mounts do you think it will hold up?

My mounts always back on to things I feel like that might knock those out

Cool…let us know how long the 3D print lasts…if you make it one good ride…ill be impressed … But you risk damaging the motor…as well as yourself if that should brake apart… Vibrations on a skateboard are pretty severe … It can snap metal …

Be safe… Looks great! Should look real cool in aluminum or steal…how about bronze ?

Maybe printing in ABS would do the trick?

An update on this:

Still no torqueboards / diyelectric vesc. So I decided to order a ollin vesc about a month ago thinking it’d ship within 2-3 weeks, but no signs of that shipping either. :frowning: I guess in stock doesn’t mean in stock.

Considering buying a cheap ESC off hobbyking until somebody starts shipping vescs again. Any recommendations on that? Anybody in the sf/bay area have one they would loan me? Seems like I’m going to end up collecting a lot of ESC by the end of this. Maybe I’ll try dual diagonal or make another board?

Anyway, some pictures following the theme of this board. Should probably get better in the fall when I have access to machining and spot welding equipment, until then lipo + duct tape it is.