Old school/outrage deck/ebay trucks/6354 motor/flipsky mini

So this has been my little project for the last week and finally got it on the road today so to speak.

Havent been on a board in 30+ years so it was all mostly guesswork in what i thought would work.

I Bought most if not all the parts fairly cheap and just had to make it all work , I’m fortunate enough to have a small machine shop so making up adaptors and machining the trucks/wheels down wasn’t an issue.

The deck was chosen as i fancied someting small with a kick tail , amazon had it for 25 quid .No idea if its a good e-deck but i like it so far but it is a bit small. And my elbow definately shows that it has wheel bite so something to be sorted.

Motor is a 6354 190Kv lightly used ebay buy , ended up having to make a new shaft for it so it takes a 8mm pulley. Current gearing and 5s battery gives a whopping 9mph on the flat and 7mph up a steep hill .

Battery was home made 5s4p using sanyo cells which give about 10ah 20v pack .There 4.1v cells which made them significantly cheaper than the usual 4.2v cells from NKON. Pack can discharge safely at 40a and at the moment is only about 5a on the flat and 25a up a steep hill.

Bigest challenge was getting the chinesium pulley to fit the slick revolution wheels in anything close to straight . I ended up making my own adaptor and machining the wheel so the inner bearing is shared between adaptor + wheel. In hindsight i should have machined the truck back further and had an extra bearing to take the pulley which looks like how the professional kit is done but i didn’t realise that at the time.

the rest is pretty much as per the pictures. Some tidying to do and a bluetooth module on its way .

It all works but i have issues

  1. the roads and paths round here are terrible , realy rough finish and theres a load of vibration coming through the board to my feet. The 85a wheels seem way to hard , thinking about cutting some groves/treads into them to effectivly give better cusioning . Might just have to bite the bullet and buy something softer/better.

  2. Its too slow,. Have ordered some 16 22 and 44 tooth wheels to change the gearing and that should take it to 14mph which is probably fast enough for me at the moment , otherwise ill have to think about going 36v and re-building the batterypack 10s 2p , but will a 20a limit be too low? Theres alot of hills here so not sure if its an option without putting a strain on the cells.

  3. wheel bite threw me off , spacers and a flap disc i think will fix it but dont honestly know whats the best solution , bushes/ differnt deck ? The kicktail is handy as most kerb drops are pretty lousy here.

All in i guess ive spent £160 ish , if i can get some more speed and a smoother ride ill be well pleased. 20200523_143618 20200523_154255 20200523_154304 20200525_005402

  1. Yeah those are Chinese wheels they are not very good but since you have them sanding down the wheel to get rid of the mold release will help. And if after that you still want better wheels abec 11’s are pretty good.

  2. Yeah go ahead and make it 10s2p you’ll have allot more power and 20a should be fine with small wheels but if you can try to get to 35a.

  3. Yeah rubber skate risers 1/2in get 4 two for each side this should mitigate wheel bite and give a smoother ride.

Cheers for that Did blow the budget and got some orangetang kegel 77a 80mm wheels and some eurothane risers. Looked for cheap wheels but unless your in the states (im UK) ur pretty much screwed.

Leaving it 5s battery for now , see how the new gearing goes. off to attack the board with a sander to totally sort the wheel bite.

Put a bit more engineering into the adaptor/pulley this time. should be able to change wheels as you would normally , no bolts needed.

Just waiting for 61803-2RS (17x26x5mm) bearing to arrive which will fit between the back of pulley and truck .

new 3mm riser + scalloped board should stop the wheel bite as well.

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And also made up a second 5s battery pack just in case one isn’t fast enough.

So took it for a 5 mile test run and it goes OK . 14 mph on the flat , 11 mph up a reasonably steep hill . Vesc app says i’ll get 16 mile range in the area I live using the 5p4s battery . As it only takes 5-6 amps on the flat at 14mph i think a 25 mile range would be feasable which aint bad.

I’d say the gearing is pretty much ideal for a 5s battery so if i want to go faster ill need more volts. The bearing setup on the pulley lets it run 100% straight , no slip running up to 700w through it and quieter too .

New wheels are good but it feels a bit wandery , so next task is to sort better bushings , no idea where to start there.

You want to get a better pivot cup a good brand would be venom, riptide, and orangatang nipples, also some wondering is normal on single drive.