Old Snowboard into a new deck

So someone gave me a kids size snowboard…

I was thinking of chopping it down into a longboard

Good idea…bad idea?

Anyone ever try it?

do it! we need more unique builds

I need a shape …

You can ask this guy for tips :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hahaha…maybe I should make a board out of wine bottles lol

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build it out of grass

Ok this guy is to much, seems to be a happy fellow. 4 trucks, 6 wheels.

Getting some inspiration @Michaelinvegas ?

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Lol @Blasto where do you find these nuts? Lol

doo it! where is whitepony? he’ll tell you not to do it because its not the proper intended function of this device.


It’s not a bad idea at all, you can still do trick with it.

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Well I’m planning to cut it down to a shorter size to help reduce the sag … Not sure how short it needs to be so I don’t have worry abt the enclosure scrapping the ground…

So I’m guessing it will need to be short or I need to add a support to give it some stiffness

This is the a :point_up_2:t2: snowboard that someone cut … I’ll need to make it this shape to avoid cutting out wheel wells like the dude above in the video

haha, actually I love the videos - some quirky people on this earth :joy:

@Michaelinvegas Haha, great minds think alike. I’ve been toying with this idea off and on for about a month or two, but haven’t decided whether it’s worth the trouble. I didn’t even think about the kids board. You could always put the enclosure on top…

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I made a longboard out of a winterstick snowboard about 15 years ago. It’s still going strong, I cut it into a long oval shape with a jigsaw. Very flexy though for an electric build.

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How long did you make it @bigben ? The one in the picture seems very short.

Man that guys is unique…

Mine is 45 inches nose to tail. I’m probably 200lbs and is a nice cruiser board but certainly too flexible for a lectric deck.

If I remember rightly the insert width was perfect for drilling straight through to put the first two bolts in.


Nice @bigben

Yeah looks like I’ll need to shorten it up or figure out something to stiffen it up

@Michaelinvegas Get some square steel tubing from the hardware store and bolt it to the board along the bottom edges like a grab rail.

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Good idea!!!


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