Old working Meepo Hub. Single... Trade for cheap single truck and wheels

Here’s an old Meepo hub. One single working hub. Yes it’s ugly but runs smooth as butter. It can get someone back on the road.

What I would like is to trade it for a generic front truck with some abec clones. Similar to what the meepo had.IMG-0104 IMG-0104

In that condition, you might get 1 normal PU wheel or something :rofl:

Where are you located? And what mm wheels you need? I’ve got a few incomplete sets

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I’m looking for just the cheap chinese 90mm Abec clones on the generic 9" Caliber clone trucks so I can just have a rolling set.

Here is a pic of the single truck I would like to try match up for a ‘roller’… Not looking for anything special, just working so I can put together a ‘beater’ board with spare parts I have laying around.

I’m in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here is a pic for Anubis. I put some armour all on it just for him… :slight_smile:


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Ill take pictures of what i got when i get off work tonight. Think i got you covered. Can’t remember size on wheels tho atm


What happened to the other hub, water damage?

It’s really hard to turn and just clicks when powered. No idea what’s up.

If anyone can use my working hub just holler.

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I could use a spare hub since mine is showing some wear. I swapped out my stock front truck and wheels if thats what youre looking for

Yeah want to trade my hub for your truck and wheels? Mine is pretty ugly but works.

Sure, where are you located?

I’m PM you. I’m in Scottsdale, AZ.

Thanks buddy! Packages should pass in the mail.

One guys junk is another guys treasure!