Ollin 90mm Popoca's on a Boosted!

The OP says they are a direct fit. No need for extra spacers but you do need to remove the belt cover.


I also put them on my dual belt longboard and they’re great so far…basically feel like 90mm kegels…


Looks like I’ve got some new wheels to buy!. Good job @chaka

They’re also drop in replacements for any of my Kegel based builds. even on a Scarlet with no wells. Got mine in the mail friday and immediately rode my battery dead, called @chaka while i was still riding around and told him how awesome they were.

Then three hours later his wife made him get off the phone.


Was it 3 hours! No wonder I got the look. Besides, she is the shop manager on on the weekends, surprised I didn’t get a write-up. :sweat_smile:

It was totally three hours. I had to look at the clock twice and then i was like WTF have i been talking about. i need a manager too. Riding around on my board talking on a phone isn’t getting shit built lol

them wheels tho


Are they offset like Kegel’s or centerset?


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@longhairedboy How do they compare to Flywheels with softer duro ? How do you like 78a. ?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Superflys, and i like 97s. I really like the softer thane. ITs super comfy and the added height gives you a ton of speed.

But in general i simply prefer 80 - 90mm wheels. I like to feel the road. I’m not trying to eliminate the natural haptic feedback i get from the terrain. It’s a necessary input. Do my feet hurt more on 90’s? yeah, of course. But i feel more connected with what i’m doing.