Ollin FreeRides available for pre-order

Hopefully this isn’t a repost … I remember @chaka announcing the FreeRides were coming back at the end of May. I’m a big fan or hollow-core boards so I was excited to see where he’s taken this. I was browsing OllinBoardCompany.com yesterday and I’m pretty sure I didn’t see the FreeRides for pre-order, but this morning this showed up: http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/product/dual-esc-integrated-power-system-longboard-deck


I saw these too. They look great! Competition for raptor?

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To any new people to this sport.

This is a STEAL!!! This board is worth way more than 1800.

Tbh. This is in a whole other class


Looks sick!

He didn’t clarify what gear ratios he is using on that 10s pack. I spoke to him a long time ago, he said the max speed would be around 24-25 mph. Of course you could change the wheel pulley. The range is never ending though…

Wow I thought it would be at least 2k. Such a sick board!

Yea it’s weird, when I asked him about being a beta tester I was told around 2k or slightly higher. This was in the very early stages. But now the pre-order is available for less than that.

@chaka Could you let us know what motor pulley and wheel pulleys you are using? Just curious about gear ratio

Correct me if I am wrong but his original freeride was 12s6p. Chaka was probably able to find better prices for the components.

10S6P nuts :slight_smile:

yea it was 12s6p, that probably explains the price drop. But 10s6p is still good enough for most.

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I think @chaka has positioned this well. Rather than 12s6p which would push the price up, they’ve opted for 10s6p and a 2 year warranty. I think a 2 year warranty for consumer products is smart, it shows they have confidence in their components and workmanship.


Well I can honestly say that if I was going to buy a complete board, It would be this one.


2 year service warranty? Is @chaka joking? :upside_down::no_mouth: How do you beat it?


Chaka must drink lots of :beers: :scream:

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Stop it you too have the best customer service

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Great price, sounds like a GT killer :slight_smile: I wonder what the weight on it is.

Yea I asked him that in y 5 things I want to know lol. I would guess over 20 lbs though. Definitely seems like a GT killer, interesting that he went with dual diag.

Clearly this is the most advanced production board that has ever been available to the public! :sunglasses::thumbsup: