OllinBoardCo OM5065-170kv Sensored Motor

Specially designed for the eboard market , featuring a semi-enclosed housing to protect the stator and windings from rocks an debris. 170kv it is a great choice for a 12s build or for someone who wants more torque at 10s. Weighing in at 492 grams makes this truly the Goldilocks of motors, not too big and not too small!

OM5065 170kv Power - 2200W Suggested Voltage - 44.4V Dimensions - 50mm x 70mm 8mm shaft - with keyway Weight - 492 grams 120 degree hall sensors 5.5mm bullet connectors


I like those but how can you fit 2 of them on one truck? And what is the noise compared to the Enertion r-specs (BLDC mode)?

Do you have any plans to change the hole spacing?

These sound a little smoother than maytech/tacon/r-spec’s.

You can fit these in a dual rear on 219 tracker darts: http://store.puredist.com/p/tracker-dart-model-truck-219mm-polished-silver

@Adam0311 The wide spacing was intentional so you can check the mounting bolts without removing the pulley. It will be a direct fit with our new drive train and fits any X patterned mount.

Any chance you’ll be offering 15mm pulleys with your drive train?

Any estimates for when you’ll release 63mm motors with this design? Scramboards already has them.

Here’s a crappy video of the 200kv version.

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15mm will be standard.:wink:

@Pantologist We will be releasing a complete redesign of the 63mm motor. There are a few issues with the original design that I was not happy with. The release will also coincide with the beta release of version 6.1 VESC.


Sweet! When do anticipate the drive train will be available?

Hard say right now, still getting the rough-in electrical finished on the shop expansion… Soon. :wink: