On/Off switches with waterproof LED and fuse

Hello, im looking to see if any one was in need of some on/off power switches. They come equipped with an 80 amp fuse soldered on and your choice of a red, white, or blue led button. I have 15 to sell and 5 colors of each button. Cost of each switch is $35 +shipping. Also each will be tested before leaving my workshop.15544112984994714210672231894421 20190404_164315 20190404_164244 20190404_164255 20190404_164224 20190404_164233

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A glass fuse isnt going to work, the vibrations will kill it. You need to use a solid state fuse. You may also want to show pics of the PCB so people can see what kind of circuit your using.


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I havnt had any issues with glass fuses?

rough asphalt/concrete will eat them up I promise you.

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Friend, as kindly as possible here.

Your soldering leaves a little to be desired for something you intend to sell.


Nine of those solder joints are cold as labeled by “B” and the wires sticking out labeled by “A” are very bad to have


Also, some pointers regarding solder and how the meniscus can indicate how well the heat flowed


A is correct. B,C,D are not
B, the joint is cold
C, the surface was okay but the wire has a cold joint
D, the wire is okay but the surface has a cold joint

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Ok, i will definetly take these pointers, i didnt think they were that bad of solders. I did have a lot of trouble heating it up. I think because its cheap chinese solder. Ill probably just use these for my test boards.


It’s always refreshing to hear someone receive some criticism and not super defensive or let it cripple them. Good on ya!

Get a good soldering iron! Makes a world of difference!


Thank you, and i have a rework station, im pretty sure it was because of the solder. It was super cheap and it was difficult to work with.


Kester is the shit

That you are right, also remington.

Yeah bad solder is terible to work with and doesent flow nicely it’s worth it to spend the money and get a good brand of solder like kester, mg chemicals and radio shack.