Onan Booster X2 video - Hub motors and FOC - Silent

Seems more people are gettting in the silent FOC scene

The hubs are a little ridiculous

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here 2 videos about the X2

The Sound of Silence - X2!!

Here are audio samples from the X2, so unprocessed. Distance between micro - X2 1 sequences = 3-4 meters 2 sequences = 80 cm from above 3 sequences = 10 - 20 cm behind the micro

I love this video (from few days ago, even if I don’t like the Onan) but this guy made me laugh with the titleslol

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I doubt it really goes 40km/h uphill



Haha… the guy in the Video … it’s me going uphill!!! ja this was fun and i love still love to do it!! No the x2 don’t go 40 km/h uphill… in this video maybe is was 30 km/h…

but we have now the ONAN X2 4WD… this can do 40 km/h uphill on this truck!!

4.000 W (4 times 1.000 w) 12.500 torque - the x2 4wd can pull easy a car min. range 20 km topspeed 40 km/h - and we can push it even more…

here i make a little video in guangzhou - were is ONAN from.

and if you understand german