One calculator to rule them all?

Its been a while since I did anything to my website, mostly it was just for my portfolio to brush up on web stuff. but I feel like making something useful.

I already did a basic speed and range calculators. Edit: these are offically obsolete! please use for both speed and range.

These were just using a basic plugin, I want to make a new one from scratch, probably with bootstrap and some js or something. But the question is of course, what does the perfect esk8 calculator need?


  1. Speed
  2. Range
  3. Hill grade
  4. Compare
  5. Save/download/upload config
  6. Price compare(eventually)
  7. Board Weight esimate?

Obviously you are the ones using it! so what do you think?


Cool! It seems like we have a lot of calculators for stuff like top speed and range. I’d like to see one that can give you rough estimates of performance.

Something where you could input your max volts/amps, rider weight, frontal surface area, hill grade, etc and it would show you power output, potential 0-60 times, hill climbing capability, torque output etc.

I have no idea how feasible that would be but I think it’d be super useful.

nice tool @saul

I think u should get some more publicity with this… :smiley: so yeh gonna post here.

I really like the calc esk8 style and simplicity, if yours could be made in similar way (for range) that would be great… otherwise a bit hard to get where to get what or maybe it was just me who didnt get the whole page loaded with all the numbers and fields at the first shot.

Some of this would be possible but I need more torque curve data for various motors. I know there are some for sk3s from the group buy.

Till someone makes a dyno it’ll be difficult to have real comparisons.

I’ll play with some math and see what I can do quickly with minimal input first.

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Thanks, the current one was tossed together in an hour or so.

For this one I’ll give a dedicated page, clean mobile friendly layout. I saw the code for is on GitHub, need to check the licence and maybe I’ll learn some Ruby to build off that, not sure yet.

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Basic template is up. its non functional, but it should give an idea of what it will look like and how it will work.

Battery section is working. logic is done, just need to add fields so should have range and speed in a bit!

Update: Speed and Range work!


looks way better. thanks for taking a look at calc esk8 and finding the source code :slight_smile:

lol theres a link to the source on the bottom right corner.

But i’m not using it. this is all new! :wink:

eSk8 Calculator

Ok speed and range work! auto update. Next up I think I’ll do download/upload json config files.

@mmaner This one looks alot better! let me know what you think!

@saul Lol, I was just kidding brother :grinning:

can u ask @lox897 to pin it? Otherwise im afraid we gonna loose this one in all the other threads… if there is a special category for tutorials, that would be nice and then maybe it could be moved there ? (though i think there is no such category yet - for tuts)

As about the site itself:

The Capacity info does not seem right. can you just make the page to ‘average’’ / round the number to 2 digits behind the comma?

Also - make an option to chooce mountainboard or longboard.

The speed data looks very okay! It even says: Estimated Energy consumtion… but I think it did not work for me :\ as the range numbers stayed the same…

Otherwise - very nice work, easy way to calculate watt hours for the pack now :slight_smile:

I think we have enough things pinned for now. If you want to keep this near the top please try and get other people’s opinions and regularly post on it.

yeh I get you… maybe someone should suggest to make a seperate category or similar.

Is there anyway to add the car rating for lipos and amps for li-ion to get the max amp output?

@mmaner what do u mean by:

car rating for lipos ??

Like is it possible to recharge car battery or what? :slight_smile:

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I fixed the round error.

for the energy use, you have to enter you average. 18 is what i’ve been getting for single drives. and I think about 25-30 for dual.

If you can give an estimate for mtb, I can add a dropdown option, like on battery type. I think 30-40 whr/mile?

just take your battery capacity and divide by average range per charge.

I was just thinking of that! I think max cont Amps per cell, peak amps, C rating charge/discharge for lipo.

from this I can add max power, charge time, pack amps…not sure what else?

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yeh charge time feature would be really sweet! I used to have it on one of those RC calcs but then the calc crashed and I had to do it on my own each time :smiley:

though… i usually just charge Amp hours now, thats how I know how many kilometers I can do / need to do.

I meant C rating, auto correct :grinning:

I’ll be thinking on it and let you know. I’m always checking to see what max amp discharge (max & continuous) is when I building or spec’s a pack. Just figured it would be handy. The webapp looks great btw.