OneWheel build help

Hello👋, I’m planning to build myself a onewheel but I don’t really understand how it work so I would need some help. I went on Banggood to look how much all the stuff will cost me but I would need to know if I am going on the right way for the moment (I haven’t included the batteries yet). Arduino : Motor : MPU 6050 : A module to find out if you are on the board or not( I don’t know the English name) : Wheel : I want to use a karting wheel that a friend gave me

Can you please answer and tell me what to change/ improve ? What batteries should I choose ? Thanks and have fun riding :call_me_hand:, Bzyli Sorry for bad English, I’m French


Hi @Bzyli and welcome.

I actually looked at building a DIY Onewheel but ultimately decided to buy second-hand instead. The complexities of the control and safety systems in a Onewheel make it really difficult to replicate.

There’s a builder on YouTube who’s posted a lot of DIY Onewheel videos but even with all of his time and effort it doesn’t come close to the retail version.

If you’re looking to build one as an academic/technical exercise then absolutely. But if you’re trying to save money or just want to ride a ton, then I wouldn’t recommend it :slight_smile:

Sorry to sound negative but I’m just trying to set expectations.



Ok, thanks for the reply ! But I’m building this for the technical challenge, not to ride a lot. Cheers

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Okay, the first challenge is to find the search button on the top, right side. Then search the forum for onewheel threads… The main one is a guide with lots of builds and resources explaining every detail.

Thanks but I already read it, I just wanted to know if the motor that I choose is ok to build one.

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This is the link you gave to said motor.

Not sure who sells good motors in France, but I bet because all their boards got effectively banned that there are a ton of 63mm motors not being used over there.

Try to find your local esk8 community and see if they have some unused motors.

Ok, I will search there, thanks. I edited the motor link

Yeah high KV motors like that are no good for VESC. Not that I see any ESC on your list.

What were you planning on constructing the Funwheel out of? Metal rails I assume. Are you planning on belt or chain? And dead axle or live axle? Most good go kart tires are live axle.

Ah you’re right, I forgot the esc, I will add it. I’m planning to build this using aluminum. I don’t want to use a chain, I want to put the motor axis directly in the tire( i will do a quick draw when I come back home). I don’t know what is a dead axle or live axle. Thanks your for the answer