Onewheel skateboard

I recently stumbled upon Onewheel. Anyone tried to build something similar?


great one ! my reply is a bit off topic as I did not build anything like this yet; but I got the opportunity to try one of these last july and it’s a great feeling. You feel a great impression of freedom as you are not using any remote to control. It’s smooth, predictable and a lots of fun. Only drawback is the (heavy) weight and miles coverage that kills it. as usual… I did it my way !


That’s all i wanted to hear, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I investigated a bit and realised that they use a go kart wheel. Those wheels+tyre+hub+separate bearings can get expensive. So I am considering using two 10’’ pneumatic wheels with pulley in the middle. I made a quick model in solidworks.

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memories coming up when I see this haha :joy: Also made one by myself some time ago. I built it with an arduino mega + mpu6050 + vesc + 6374 motor with custom planetary gear mounted inside the gokart wheel, 10s4p Sony VTC3 batteries, intelligent led lighting (switched red back and white front light according to the actual driving direction, including light sensor to determine the needed light), pressure sensitive pads, so the boards knows when you fell off and stops etc.

In the end I disassembled the board and sold the components. I needed money for a new project :sob:


fantastic. too bad you sold it it looks better than the onewheel. I see there’s another business selling them too now…pretty much an exact copy from the looks but who knows whats inside

@goldenHusky insane. do you have any build thread on this ?


@Hummie Thank you! @unik Unfortunately not. I built that 3 years ago when I was 16 and didn’t discover this forum back then yet.

If anybody wants to build such a thing, I recommend buying a complete tire+ hub motor unit like this one:

Designing, manufacturing and mounting a custom planetary gear was painful :joy:


why’d you do a planetary gear and not just direct drive? seems overkill

Probably beacuse outrunners are high kv motors. And in order to have sufficient torque you need reduction (Planetary gear).

ask that the young goldenhusky please :joy: I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough torque to maintain balance when driving very slow/ at startup. The motor was a 90kv 6374 from alienpower.

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I saw a video on youtube a couple of months ago. This version is actually not tilting forwards and backwards. Instead he is using a remote. Is is deffinetly not as awesome as the original but maybe easier? Anyway here is a link.


@goldenHusky can you share with us some more info on your build? i am interested in how you connected the wheel to the shaft connected to the frame. Your build was really something ! :slight_smile:

@littlem39 well I cut the axis into 2 parts, both axis parts were connected to the frame with screws. I used bearings inside the tire to allow it to spin. So it’s like [frame left]–[axis part 1]–[motor]–[gear]–[bearing]–[axis part 2]–[frame right]

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What do you guys think?


Looks pretty sweet! Have you thought about the balancing aspect of the build? :slight_smile:

Sensor + PID regulation in arduino should be good for that, but i would need to test that to tell for sure. There are many options and space for software development on this project, unlike on eskate.

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Seems complicated! But cool if you have the means / knowledge to do it! I would love to see more in the future! :smiley:

Any progress on the idea? Because i was thinking about doing the same.

Unfortunately i had no funds to go forward with the idea. Still a student, but i have a motor and a vesc that still wait for the better days :slight_smile: But if you decide to go with the idea and try to make it, i would be happy to discuss it with you

Has Onewheel simply nailed this?

It seems @goldenHusky is the only one that successfully tried it but disassembled it for money before he found out about the forum.

I would love to see a standardized complete controller/brain for this for peoples to make their own version.

Honestly though I do think Onewheel has nailed it and if I ever have the extra dough I’m definitely buying one.