Onewheel XR Parts for Sale

WTS Onewheel XR parts. I crashed the board and just bought a new one for myself. So I’d like to sell the battery, motor, and controller from the board I crashed.


I was asked if it got run over by a car. No, it accelerated off a 2 story parking deck. Instead of deactivating the motor by lifting my front heel, i jumped off the board with both feet at once. That made it accelerate on its own for a short distance, which, I was told by Future Motion’s customer service, was not a malfunction of the board, and could be expected from sudden reduced weight on the back footpad. Whatever! I don’t hold it against them. I love the OW so much, I immediately bought a new one s I wouldn’t have to wait through a long repair period.
These XR parts are still functional, and if anyone’s interested, I have some additional parts to sell that are in great condition.

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What price are you looking to get out of it? Would you sell just the motor by itself?

I’m interested in the battery Please get back to me ASAP Here or better off txt 9086239393 Thanks!

Hi is controller and/or battery still available?

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Hello there, I’d like to buy both modules from you as a package. Upgrading my plus to an XR

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Intrested in the motor and battery if still available?!

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Here is a detailed video. No sale has been completed yet. I’ve been busy at work and not answering buyer inquiries till now.

Using the OW app, on the “board settings” page, I am able to watch the pitch and roll angle values change with the very slightest movement of the front foot pad. And if I apply pressure to the front foot pad, the motor engages and starts spinning very fast. I won’t be repeating that! But I am confident it works.

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Hello, I need the motor unit itself that goes into the hub if you have that available. I am in Texas and happy to pay shipping. Thanks Jason

Okay, I can sell you that. Are you aware of the crash my board endured and have you seen the picture showing how the hub is all cracked up? And do you still want to buy it? Can you please say clearly that you understand the condition of this part but that you still want it? I DO NOT know whether it will be functional once you try it out.

in earlier post I said I’m confident it works. However, I must take that back and say, from the evidence I described, the motor seems to engage, suggesting to me that it works. Once you receive it, please do not claim that I misrepresented it to you in my post if you can’t get it to work for you. Agreed?

do you have any more pictures of the other side of the hub. The part I need is inside the hub that i see the damage on. I think they would call it the motor or rotor. It has a wire harness coming out of it with a plug.

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I’ve been super busy lately. Let me know if these pictures are helpful. I’d be glad to take more. I’m also selling two Onewheel XR chargers (one standard, one for the car). I included a picture of those if you’re interested. They are in excellent condition, barely used.

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