(ONLY EU) Selling 4 x 6374 DEFECTIVE Flipsky motors (68 euro)

I have 4pcs DEFECTIVE Flipsky motors

2 x 6374 190kv 2 x 6374 150kv

They are all having the same problem, wich is LOOSE MAGNETS. This could be fixed, if you want to spent the time on it. Or use them for science or simply spare parts.

They are all pretty new, and have not done so many kilometers. Two of the stators are having some solder balls, they are all measuring just fine with my LC meter, so i think the only real problem are these loose magnets.

Im asking 68 euro plus shipping within EU.

This is how they sound, due to the loose magnets : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQsavh2sBdo IMG_20180921_183341 IMG_20180916_192153 IMG_20180916_182738 IMG_20180923_142749 IMG_20180923_142722 IMG_20180923_142853

how long have you been using these? seems to me like flipsky problems are staring to show up

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190kv about 2 month 150kv, from the same day i uploaded to youtube… (28 august)

damn they are total crap then…