Only one motor will spin on my dual motor build

Hi so I finally got my build working for my board after I was having issues with my remote not connecting (vx4 fs) to my esc (makerx dv4s). When the motor were spinning I noticed that only one of the 6384 motors were actually spinning when I would use the remote. I checked vesc tool to see if it was the issue with the motor, and the motor works fine when I swap the phase wires to the other set of three on the esc, meaning that one side of the esc is detected but does not control any part of the motors? I was wondering if this was an issue with the esc and how I could go about fixing it.

You MUST run the vesc tool where it spins up both with sucess readout when done. You cannot just run each side seperately. I faced this problem for days.

If you’re talking about the motor configuration I did do that but it failed. Both motors do work though and I got the an error from the vesc tool

wHY DID IT FAIL? Must answer that.

when I ran the motor configuration I got this error from the terminal.

try a legacy version of vesc tool.