Ontario Canada trampa diy

My diy tramps with self designed cnced motor mounts and home made 12s spim08hp battery packs


How are the battery packs running? Was going to make a 12s2p for my cruising board but didn’t know if it was worth trying to use the recycled cells.

They are good I used aluminum bars for the series connections in the pack squishing the + and -s together then the same idea but with copper bars with 10 awg wire soldered to it for the actual connection out of the pack.




IMG_20190720_233836 then I 3d printed a case for the packs of 6s

I stripped a lot of length to maximize the contact of the wire to my bars

I’ve only ruined 1 and it was from being squished between the flaps at the bottom of the box during shipping. And even then it was only when I started putting 12s voltage that it puffed. Other than that I went through my 42 and tested the internal of all them and they’re all pretty much “new”

I will say this though unless your a trained electrician or are loaded up on insurance and don’t care you shouldn’t play with these cells a single one will kill you. The can output almost 350amps on dead short

I will say I am neither a trained electrician nor are loaded up on home insurance so a build using these will be a pipe dream for a while.

But… They are awesome

IMG_20190613_174932 IMG_20190619_224203 IMG_20190626_181355 IMG_20190522_211350 IMG_20190626_174000 IMG_20190619_224232 IMG_20190613_174849

Now I just need people to ride with…

Where in Ontario are you?

I’m in Belleville.

Oh boy that’s some ways away. I’m over in the GTA. I think Kingston might have some esk8ers.

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in the midst of finishing my board

If you feel like coming to mtl hit me up :slight_smile: I could get together with atleast 4 other diyers to show you around :smile: