Opening (dismantle) SK3 149kv motor for cleaning

Anyone has ever opened the SK3 149kv motor for cleaning? (or a similar model like 192kv) I found a topic for the enertion motor saying that removing the circlip on the shaft should do it, but on the SK3 it’s still fixed solid after removing the circlip and I don’t want to force it too much and damage the motor. I’ve also read that someone cleaned the motor without opening it and used distilled water!

Here’s all the info you need. Keep a clean workspace when doing it. Also, be careful when removing the can. If you place your fingers wrong and lose grip when pulling it off, the strong magnets will snap the can back in place with a tremendous force.

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you need to remove the circlip on the shaft and the 4 small screws in the rotor can. Then you need to apply force to slide the rotor can from the stator

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Thank you both, it worked! What do you guys use to clean up the motor. I’ve just brushed the dust off but would like to clean a bit more. I’m not sure WD-40 is right for the job. Just read someone using isopropyl.

The best video that I’ve seen with big SK3 6364 motor