Operation Feather| Landyachtz Maple Chief Feather 36 | Bear Grizzly | 190kv Sensored Motor 6374 | Custom mount | 18650 2x 5s-3P 36V | Enertion VESC 4.12

Hey Guys,

This is my first ESK8 build and i like to share this with the community because, This platform helped me allot!!! I’am on a tight budget 300 Euro’s. The price of the pintail is not included in the budget. The goal of this topic is to make the project as tight as possible whit information so that i and others can learn. The project is still in it’s beginning phase so it’s not complete. The Fist step was that i made a layout whit cardboard

My pintail is a little flexible so i decided to make two separate battery packs one in the front and one in the back(2x 5s-3P 36V) nearby the motor mount. The mount is 14.5cm x 5cm x 1.5cm whit a 65 degree angle on 2.5cm x1.9cm (it’s not done yet).

The gearing is HTD-small-pulley 15 teeth and the wheel pulley is 30 teeth (I know 36 is better). The wheels are 70 mm but i’m going too buy bigger ones 83mm or bigger

Here are my drawings for the electrical part of my pintail :

Plus anti-spark.I don’t know what kind of resistor i’m going to use any idea’s ?

Like i said i’am on a tight budget so here is my parts list: (sorry it’s in Dutch)

The controller is a wii nyko nunchuck in combo with the Enertion VESC 4.12 This is the motor that i ordered: https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/?attribute_pa_motor=6374-e12

Thnx for reading!!!

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I don’t speak dutch but I think I can figure out what the names of the parts mean.

Your parts list says you got a nyko kama for 10,44€ did you buy that used or do you have a link for that?

Also what 18650 are you using? 2x 5s15p would mean 150 cells. Your part list says 50 cells with a total prize of 59,95. Also i don’t know if you can fit 150 cells on that board. Is that a typo? :slight_smile:

I think its supposed to be 10s5p (2x 5s5p in series). But what kind of 18650 would you get for 50€ ? The battery is the most important right after the motor/esc. I wouldn’t cheap out there. There are suitable 18650 cells and those that are unusable…

Yeah thnx it was a typo!! The nyko kama was a used product so no link. hahahaha yeah it’s 2x 5s3p

15 Panasonic and 15 Sony (around 2A) and 20 are slowly dropping voltage. I tested all of then one by one.

You mean your cells can discharge 2A each? It should be at least 15A

How is this project going? I too have some Grizzly 852 that I want to make a mount for :slight_smile: