Opinions and Options Concerning Clear grip tape (Eleanor)

After a week of painting, I figured it was time to apply the grip tape. Of course, the only choice of grip tap that would showthe paint job is clear grip tape. Having seen images online, I thought that the grip tape would show everything but intricate designs. Before: image1%20(3)

After: image2%20(2)

Jeez… Where did I go wrong? I applied the grip tap from the center outwards and there aren’t any obvious air bubbles left. Yet, I can barely see the black paint.

Questions for you guys: 1)Did I screw up somehow in applying the grip tape?

2)Is spray on grip tape a better choice to showcase the paint? But what about durability?

3)Is there a different brand of clear grip tape that might not be so opaque?

@longhairedboy is your man. @Sender as well I believe? Basically glass frit is the way forward


You did nothing wrong. That is what “clear” grip produces. More to follow, I am tied up for a minute and will give you a full response.

Mind you, I am an amateur, while @longhairedboy is a god damn legend round these parts. (Warranted or not [lol, , I jest] talk to @Photomorphdicksucker for more info).

But clear epoxy/poly and glass frit will most definitely give you more of what you are after, just takes a bit more work.


@Sender Okay. I really have no knowledge of glass frit(grit?) and how to apply it. The only thing I have heard is that spray on grip tape produces a better clear visual result that traditional grip tape. And glass frit is better than spray on.

Ok so I have no idea how to make that stuff but judging by @longhairedboy 's pictures he looks like the right guy :smile:

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Licid grip or glass frit, a full sheet of clear always looks like that. I have seen some really thin stuff that doesn’t look mill but it doesn’t last anytime.

:smile: we live and we learn… you did nothing wrong except you might’ve chosen the wrong clear grip tape… from my own experience MOB grip tape offers the best visibility when trying to show your art work… also as @mmaner mentioned lucid grip (spray) is a good option it’s been holding well for me so far… image image image image


So Lucid grip and glass frit produce a very similar result? How do they compare?

Damn dude! Those look sick! So all of those have lucid grip spray on them? How long has the spray been on? Any tips for when I apply it?

That venom deck is epic. I smile everyone I see it :grinning:

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Frit is infect, its totally transprrant ither than the actual glass. Lucid grip is a little buy milk, buy most not noticeable.

If you use licid, get one of those pump up first bottles. It makes it a lot more even.

Lol nope not lucid on none of those… those are all MOB clear grip tape…I’m @ work now I’ll take pic of my last build I used lucid on when I get off 2mrw…after a bout 20+ miles so far it’s holding up well… I’ve personally never used the glass method… but I can tell after while you will have to re-apply the lucid which isn’t hard or a big deal but the grip is really good and your art will be very visible…

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Yeah good point made by mike…when I applied the lucid I had to dab out the small puddles of the milky glue with a rag to keep the clarity in some areas not a big deal but it helped…

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Sweet. Did end up having to use two pieces of the mob tape because it only comes in 33" long sections? I believe the Evolve decks are around 38-39".

yes that’s correct 38inch… so far if it’s the art you really wanna show I’ll go lucid… I plan to use it again on my next build as well…

Well I’ve been very busy the past few months but my build is this:

Dual 6374 motors with FOCBOX’s and a 12S4P battery. Of course, 107 Abec super flys.

The art isn’t super important, it’s a simply all black with a orange stripe. But I want to be able to see this. If Mob tape allows this and will hold up substantially better than Lucid…then its the obvious choice.

Safety and durability is of primary concern because this board should be easily able to hit 30mph. This will become my daily mode of transportation. Average weekly mileage will be roughly 5 miles.

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