Opinions on these boards

So i got some of the sr rkps 200mm and i am looking for a board to use with trampa 6.5 urban treads. I found the madrid paddle https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/checkout/cart/configure/id/21831023/ And the eastside blazer v2 https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/checkout/cart/configure/id/21828468/ I want a mini drop to lock my feet and i am a moderate sized human at 6’4 210 pounds. Thanks for any help. Matt.

The links don’t work



I don’t think the second one has a drop

It says micro drop in the description but i havent seen either of these irl. Thats why I’m seeing if anyone knew anything

I’m 99% sure that daddies is a scam, or at least not truthful…

I read the reviews for that second deck. I struggled to find a single one that was actually about the product, just how nice their website and selection is…

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I got my evo from there, wasn’t exactly a see through group of people… had to fight a little if I remember correctly.

Wouldn’t do business again, muirskate is highly regarded among community members.