Opinions on Trampa stickies?

@trampa Where are those Stickies, my friend? :grinning:

@Ulfberht: they will arrive soon. We will inform you about the estimated arrival time soon.


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just ordered 90mm 74A stickies from esk8.de, Ill report some longterm experience in spring/summer :wink:

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roads are wet, testing as soon as possible. sent back blue 74A and reordered 76A because black just suits the rest of the colors so much better. :blush:


I wonder why they cost € 76,-- at esk8.de and € 96,-- directly from @trampa?

i have been looking at buying some of these as here in the uk where i live most of the roads suck. i have kegels at the mo but i want something a bit softer.

ok, i rode the trampa 90mm 76A stickies for about 20km now. through the night on finally dry roads … and Im super stocked about them: they are super silent, super soft and smooth and about as grippy as my abec11 90mm 75A. could let the rear break out on hard carving turns just like on my abecs, but it happened in a smoother softer way and not with a sudden loud fart sound when the urethane slipped on the road.

they ride better than my 90mm 75A abecs right now - might be the breaking in phase though, not sure how theyll perform after a few hundret kilometers.

its very hard to believe that this is supposed to be the same urethane thats used on the 83mm stickies which Ive been riding for a few months. @trampa did you change anything on the urethane mixture? new manufacturer maybe? the 83mm 76A stickies are really quite hard, loud and somehow a little more grippy.

big thumbs up for the 90mm stickies - its my new favourite wheel! :heart_eyes:

83 next to 90mm. you can already see that the surface is more rough on the 83s and looks sonehow softer and smoother on the 90s. breaking in? maybe! they ride exactly how they look


Shit happens, just wanted to order from esk8.de but today they changed the price to € 99,-- plus € 17,-- for shipping to me. In the moment I say “No thank you!” I wonder if the new price is related with my previous post? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ran the wheels for another 50km, think they actually grip better than my flywheels while being softer and smoother at everything they do. tar is still pretty cold and there is a lot of dust/salt on the roads too - think theyll just grip better towards spring/summer than now. its fantastic, Im in love! :slight_smile:

Hi, as always, we make the good Things even better. The urethane of the new wheels is of insane quality, which unfortunately ads to the price. We think ist worth every penny. The rebound is set to: No chance to improve any further.

We would like to offer them cheaper but we can’t. Quality to price is very well balanced already.


Any plan to sell larger wheels like 97mm in the foreseeable future?

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125mm urethane tires for Hypa and Superstar hubs. That should be enough options.


I’m aware of the 125mm urethane wheels, but as you told me in messages, the hub is too wide for the caliber II axles.

Happy enough with my ABEC 97’s, just wanted to know if you have any inkling of marketing larger long board wheels in the near future is all.

Even if they would fit the caliber 2, the truck really wants to be wider. Wheelbite… 90mm is really the max at this stage. I personally think they are a very good balance. Truth is: If a 90mm is to small, the 97 is probably not performing any better but just ads weight. So we will offer the 90mm for the now. I personally love my 76a 83mm Stickies.


Its actually for the extra speed. You get a decent speed bump from the 90mm to 97mm. It lets you get past the 25mph barrier on the Evolve GTs. You’ll have a solid market if you contact Evolve as they don’t have any special partnership with Abec.

Is there any difference in re the wheel cores versus abec11 flywheels? Would an enertion insert fit for instance?

If you mean the wheel pulley from enertion then yes. I have those and have used them on my trampa stickies.

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we had great weather in germany and I probably got 150-200km on the 90mm 76A stickies by now. streets are still somewhat dirty with sand/small stones from winter, but cleaning teams are on their way and partially I had great roads ahead of me already.

changed my opinion on the grip level - by now I think the 90mm stickies got a little less grip than my 90mm 75A flywheels and quite a bit less grip than my 76A 83mm stickies. weird enough its the reason why i preferred flywheels over 83mm stickies: the exitement of a rear thats constantly breaking loose is pretty sweet. :stuck_out_tongue:

@trampa Im not sure how these things fit together - most silent and most comfortable wheel vs. probably least grip of my wheels? :thinking:

@whitepony, remeber they are fresh! Urethane changes its character over a period of time. Also the shore hardness varies by x % from batch to batch. You could pick another set of xyz wheels and may get another result if its from a different batch or simply older/newer. If I get you right you prefer super silent and comfortable wheels with little grip. The softer, the more rebound, the more silent, the more comfortable, the more grip. When I get you right, our wheels perform better than the competition due to less grip? I don’t get the point 100%

Some like the grip to carve harder, others like to slide. I prefer the grip in order to accelerate from corners.


question i got is: how can the wheels be the most comfortable and the most silent and at the same time actually have the least grip of my wheels? cause thats how it is right now!

of course i dont really prefer little grip, but its exiting nevertheless. :stuck_out_tongue: