Opinions on Trampa stickies?

There is all that dirt around at this time of the year (sand and stones and salt). All that sticks to the surface of the wheel and makes it less grippy I guess. Maybe our wheels are a bit softer and catch more of the gunk. Maybe the other brands wheels are older, harder, softer whatever. You will have to wait for better road conditions to really compare stuff. The road surface is also pretty cold these days. Horses for courses…


Is the Stickies Hub the same as the Abec11 Flywheel, will Flywheel pulleys fit on Stickies ??

The core is different on my stickies, than on my ElectricFlywheels. But i assume E-flys use same core as other abec11’s. The spokes on stickies are thicker. Can’t tell you if pulleys fit cause i have none;)

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Does anyone know if the Evolve 32t pulley would fit the 90mm Trampa stickies hub? @trampa

The spokes are thicker - they’re the same as flywheel clones which are also thicker. Works with enertion pulleys.


already with the 83mm stickies I complained about the strong deformation of the core/bearing seat after I installed the trampa pulley. now, after just about 500km, the core of my new 90mm stickies broke in 2 places, even though I used the trampa pulley without any pressure of the 6 screws.

as far as I know @Nowind had a similar problem with 83mm stickies. maybe the core is not strong enough of these wheels - an abec flywheel core feels a LOT more solid and surely is a different material. had 2 sets of flywheels with more than 5000km on the clock and a really tight pulley without any problems. you can feel the core very well when you remove bearings with some wiggle motions - kegels are supertight and wont let go of bearings, flywheels are also clinging to bearings - but not as much as kegels. for stickies they come out very easily and you can feel the core deforming without much resistance when you try to get them out.

@trampa hoping for a replacement wheel and, unless this is just a material issue in only my wheel, I feel like something should be changed when it comes to the core of the wheel. Im not a very aggressive rider, I would say I put VERY low load on belts and wheel pulleys (Im also running really loose belts to get the max range) - the only load I put on wheels is from hard carving at constant speed. I specifically set up your pulley following your instructions, I use precision bearing spacers with bones swiss 6 bearings and I tighten down wheel nuts in a reasonable fashion: handtight, then opening a quarter turn … just enough so that you can see the bearing spin absolutely free.

I can send in the wheel with pulley if you like to examine it firsthand.

switched to my beaten up backup kegels now :stuck_out_tongue: @esk8 precision pulley - its really the best seated pulley I know! :heart_eyes:


Disappointing. Bought a set to try from the favorable reviews of these wheels. When I got these wheels the thickness of the spokes and hardness of the core reminded me of the all terrain MBS wheels. My MBS wheels shared the same fate as what you’ve shown.

Did your mbs wheels use a similar bolt on pulley ?

Member “Kaly” uses the mbs wheels but uses a different kind of Pulley , one with a bearing inside, held in place just by the Axle nut. Never heard him talk about a problem ?

Any news from Trampa about this issue ?

@trampa and me exchanged a few PMs yesterday, and Ill be getting a replacement wheel and also a reworked pulley that has a different seat - from what I understand its seated on the core instead of biting into the urethane (which seemed to lead to the deformation of the core and opening of the bearing seat and ultimately probably kills the core).

lets see how that works out! very positive about the customer support, bit sceptical though if a new pulley seat is the solution - the core feels very different to abec flywheels & kegels and its definitely softer … but thats something frank will have to explain in more detail. :slight_smile:

Hi Builders, I personally never had a core splitting apart so far. It happend on three cores only ( @nowind / @whitepony ) Since it only happened on the driven wheel, I changed the design of the pulley face and now it locks in position like a dream, running so centered that you can’t see any whobble at all - looks like spinning the part on a lathe. Now there is no strain on the hub caused by the pulley mount - I checked the dimensions of the bearing seat before and after mounting the pulley. There is no widening, not even a 1/100mm. Since our design uses 6 x M4 bolts, delivering the power (without any play) to the outer end of the spoke, there is no strain on the core from the power input. I have absolute confidence, that splitting hubs or loose bearings are a matter of the past. Next week all 37 teeth pulleys will get the rework.



Wish you made an Insert Wheel Pulley with its own bearing instead of the bolt on version, …this would be the best solution especially since Trampa axles are larger in diameter.

not a big fan of that at all, Im using the wheels for normal longboard axles too!

I have two sets of wheel pulleys that have not been used yet (just mounted on a wheel, not driven). Can I exchange for the update version?

The pulley I used was from DIY.

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Just curious to know why you don’t like Pulleys with Bearing Inserts,…IF the Axle can take the load like on Trampa Trucks ?

On ordinary Trucks with 8mm Axles I also don’t like Insert Pulleys because you have to cut part of the Truck Off, leaving part of Bare Axle unsupported.

…Also I wonder if the Stickies 90mm Bearing seat was designed for Ordinary Bearing which have a O.D of 22.03 vs the ones used for the Trampa trucks (R6 2RS) O.D 22.26mm ?

well, the scenario for me is always ronins and they would need cutting. incase of the truck being wide and solid enough yea sure, why not. extra bearing noise, 9 bearings instead of 8, and no real super benefit except for some axial load reduction (which Im not convinced that its necessary). why make stuff complicated when it works very well when its simple? :wink:

about the bearing size: I cant tell - maybe thats why the bearing come off easy? @trampa will know the details about which bearings were meant to be!


Bearing sizes confirmed,… normal bearings are 0.23mm smaller in O.D. than the ones for Trampa trucks.

The Stickies are designed for 608 bearings but also take the R62RS. 0.2mm more OD is no issue for a flexible plastic bearing seat.


Did you test the new pulley design on the 90mm stickies @whitepony or still waitinng for them to come in?