Optimal Gearing for 125mm gummies?

Havent bee able to find much info regarding 125mm gummies and what kind of gearing is necessary to get the speed and torque I want. I am not sure if I can decrease the size of the wheels for increased torque. But what gearing would I need with 125mm wheels running 12 dual 6374s to get a 31-33 mph top speed minimum and very fast acceleration. I had planned this out before but for 97mm wheels not sure what things I need to modify to get the desired specs for 125mm wheels since I have cuanged my plans. Im guessing I would need a wheel pulley between 40t-70t using just not sure which # of teeth exactly, and this would be using a motor pulley of 16t.

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Use the calculator on www.VESC-Project.com We gear tge gummies 14/44, which is pretty long and fast. Dual 6374 will give plenty of power. With dual VESC Six Plus on 12S the performance is insane.


get a pulley that fits your wheel, then adjust your motor pulley accordingly to get the maximum top speed you would like to achieve.

i’ve got a 12s, 190KV, 97mm wheels setup, i run this with 1:3 gearing (12:36). this gives me a topspeed of 40Kmh which is exactly how fast i’d like my topspeed to be.

using this method of limiting your topspeed to your desired max speed gets you the most torque out of your setup. if anything in my message is unlear let me know, english is not my first language :smile:

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Is the calculator broke? Or am I only allowed to use a 1s build for the battery selection side?


Never mind, you can’t switch the cell count on custom motor, so it defaults to a 1s. The best option is to choose a motor closest to the specs you have it seems


this calculator works really well. 50km/h is ~33mp/h by the way.

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I am on 10s and my gearing is 15/44. On my low kv motors that equates to 23mph top speed, plenty for me.

which belts would I use for 14/44 then?


use this

I ended up using 280mm but depends on your mount

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What would I use for desired center distance for 15mm belts? 7.5mm? Have no idea what to use for this

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It’s the distance from center of the wheel pulley to the center of the motor pulley, whatever the distance of those two points is what you’ll use as the center to center distance.

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Changed that for you. Should work now.