Optimal KV motor, 195 or 295?

Hey, i’m planning to build my first eboard and looking for the parts. I’m interested if the 295KV motor will work fine and is there a big difference between that and a 195KV motor for example?

Basically, the kv ratio tells you how many turns the motor does per volt. So it depends on your input voltage (battery). A lower kv will give you mor torque whereas a higher kv will give you a higher max speed.

I just don’t have that many options for motors and i’m thinking to buy this one - http://www.e-fliterc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=EFLM4110A - it says that the motor needs 85a esc and 8-9s lipo battery can i use different parts instead?

What battery and esc do you have?

I can get 80a esc and a 6s lipo battery from my friend.

With a 6s battery a motor wit 240kv plus should be good. Your model seems a bit expensive to me. Maybe a cheaper one would do the job as well.

There is plenty of cheaper motors than this.

Have a look at the Turnigy SK3 range at HobbyKing. Very popular and half that price. Andy.

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that motor looks way over priced. where are located?

E-flite is a popular motor brand for airplanes and maybe helicopters.