Optimal Vesc settings

Well i don’t know if this is related to your torque problem but your voltage cutoff is way to low, cutoff start at 32v and end at 30-28v is what you want for your 10s pack. does your battery use a discharge BMS? otherwise you might have discharged your cells to low.

Thank you, I’ll change the voltages. No, it doesn’t use a BMS that I know of unless it’s wrapped up in the battery pack.

most likely it has a BMS if you bought it from a vendor, however it might be a charge only BMS and in that case it doesnt protect your pack when discharging, meaning that you rely on your ESC to cut of the battery before the cells voltage drops down to a critical level.

where did you buy your pack?

I repost this

Please set your vesc up to the values mentioned there. With 80a as batt Max your Flipsky 4.20 will cut out very soon or in worst case even overhead or fry the drv.

Should I keep the values at 60v? And I bought my battery pack from China. xSuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard – Motorized Mountain Longboard with Dual Motors - 11 Layers Canadian Maple, All-Terrain, 4 Wheels, Remote Controlled High Speed Board https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K9LLLT6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Vx9kCb3RRDB8Y

This is the original board. Now the only things that are still stock are the deck and the battery. It was bought off alibaba not amazon but exactly the same

Which 60V?

If it was a pre build board you can guess there is a bms included in the pack (ok, you never know what you get from China) but it would be kind a risky to don’t include one. If it’s a discharge bms you can have what ever esc you want and set values you want but if it’s over the current limit the bms can handle the bms will cut your power off.

Sorry, meant 60A. The default settings on the VESC tool are 60A motor max and 60A battery max. I have them both set at 80A. Also, would it work to have 2 BMS’s? (If I bought one and there’s one inside the pack?

Thanks Andy87, I’ll set my specs to the ones you used on your vesc

80a will not work 60a probably also not. Please read the thread I linked.

Two bms will also not work. You need to bypass the the one you have (if not bypassed already, but this we don’t know) Or change the bms to a new one. That would only make sense if your cells can handle more. If your bms fit to the output of your battery pack a new bms will also not help. As you can see, as long as we don’t know what battery exactly it is (cells, bms etc), nobody can really recommend you anything.