Optional BMS switch

Ok so… Balancing a multi-cell battery is a good thing, however do we need to balance a pack every time we charge it? In truth probably not every time, in fact balance charging isn’t without effect on the cells… please watch this informative video (or not)

So I’m thinking of using a 2 way switch on the neutral at the charging port,switching between the battery and a bypassed bms. my questions are;

Has anyone done this?

Am I missing something vital?

Any suggestions for a good looking switch?

Is it worth the effort?

I am hoping that if my pack is balanced every fourth or fifth time it will charge quicker generally and that extra wear on my cells by the bms to balance very small differences is reduced. If I balance charge the pack and it takes a long time I will take it as a sign that balance charge more often.

Thanks for helping me with my latest bout of brain storming

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