Options to connect ESC to Motor Leads

Female ESC leads. Choice of 2 different motors and their leads. None fit.

Best option?

image I

Thats a MT60 connector. Alternatively you can get 5.5mm bullet connectors for the other side also. Both are fine.

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Choose a connector that you want to go with. Probably either 4mm of 5.5mm bullets, buy them and solder them to the corresponding cables. (looks like you have 4mm female on the esc and 5.5mm on the motor.) Here is a link to help you with the soldering part. https://forum./t/how-to-solder-the-thread/2090


Quite like the connector on those MT types, problem is that you may get the wheel spinning the wrong way once connected and if that is an eBay ESCs I’m not sure you can tell it to run the other direction

AFAIK you can’t rotate the connection parts either…so I’d go the bullets if you’re new