Orangatang kegel for SALE barely used SOLD


I have a set of four Orangatang Kegels, they are not used a lot, barely visible. All of them still have that shiny finish on the part that is in contact with ground. They still have 1 year and 8 months of warranty to go, I can give you the receipt for that. My asking price is 50euros, bought them for 67.5 and after 10-15km of riding I think that is reasonable. I can ship them to you worldwide for under 10 euros or USD its almost the same. Reason for selling is that I no longer have a use for them, I can include cast pulley HTD 5m 36 tooth that fits perfectly for free othervise it will end up in thrash :smiley:

For more info PM me or ask down below. :slight_smile:

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Hit me up. Iā€™m down.

Im sorry but the wheels are already sold :frowning: