Orangatang Kegel for Sale

Hey fellow E-Sk8 builders,

I have bought parts for my second build. Unfortunately due to finals and upcoming military duty, I am not able to finish my build. I would like to sell my parts, they haven’t been used for rides, however some have modifications on it. I am based in Switzerland and I am willing to ship the parts internationally, however the buyer will have to pay for the shipping costs. If interested and regarding price or additional infos, please send me a message and I will respond as fast as possible. Parts can be bought as a package or individually.

First Item:

Hummie Hub Motors 200kv with 2 Paris Trucks and two additional tires for exchange. Soldered 4mm male connectors and heatshrinked them. Barely used.


Next item:

2x 150a Car ESC’s with parallel connection and ESC programmer. Soldered and heatshrinked 4mm female connections on motor side and 4mm male connections on battery side. Perfect for 2 motor config. Barely used.


Next item Orangatang kegel 80mm 83a Purple, Never used; brand new

Last item to offer:

Reaktor 300w 20a lipo balance charger, modified the input jack to connect the power supply more easily. Barely used.



How much for the ESCs? Actually I just need one - would you be willing to sell them seperately?

I would like to sell them as seen on the picture. I will come to you, if no one else wants it.

Could you give some prices?

Hummie Hub Motors are sold.

ESC’s, Charger and Orangatang Kegels are still available

Please let me know soon about the single ESC - otherwise I will have to order one new from HK.


One ESC with programmer, Lipo Charger and Orangatang Kegels for sale

How much for the wheels

One ESC, LiPo Charger and Hummie Hub Motors are sold.

One ESC with programmer and brand new Orangatang kegel 83a are still available. Images above.

Regarding price and shipping please message me.

Price for the kegels?

Price for Kegels shipped to Südtirol;) ?

Update: ESC SOLD

Brand new Orangatand Kegel 83a still for sale. For further information, including price and shipping cost, send me a message

Hello, are the orangatang still for sale?

Yes they are :slight_smile:

How much are the wheels please?