Orangatang Kegel vs 97mm ABEC11 Flywheels

Hello guys

I’ve found some 90mm Flywheels for sale around here (Brazil), just a bit more expensive than the Kegels, i would like to hear the opinion from who rode both if the ride quality is significantly greater than with the Kegels

I’ve ridden them since the beginning, and like it quite a lot, but there are some sections of road here that it’s harsh to ride

The main downside for me is weight, since I’ve gone lightweight anywhere possible, but if the ride is way better i might give them a shot


Link PLZ (Por Favor)

I love the soft duro of the kegels, and upgraded my GF’s board from 83mm flywheel clones (not as soft as legit flywheels) to kegels - a nice improvement.

BUT the bigger 97mm legit Flywheels are PLUSH in comparison. Especially if you get the 75a duro. It’s all about absorbing the bumps/cracks/rocks with ease because of the bigger wheel and soft duro.

My favorite setup 75a 97’s. I’m fiddling with some 107mm electric flywheels next - 74a! BUT HEAVY! we’ll see…

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inhmo - abec 11’s - hands down. I ride on mixed surfaces , mostly uneven street and the abecs roll much smoother than the kegels. Had a lot more vibration with kegels. Kegels are awesome on really flat surfaces.

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Sorry guys, I’m a bit of a noob. But between ABEC11 75a 97mm flywheels and MBS AT 100mm wheels, which are better for bumpy city streets?

Abec 97’s 75a are softer than the MBS 100mm wheels - the extra 3mm is nothing compared to the 75a soft duro of ABEC’s!

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