Orangoutang Wheels and Pulleys

I’m building my very first board. There is just one quick thing that I do not understand. I’m purchasing the 85mm Orangoutang wheels for the extra stability, but I don’t know if the pulleys in the motor mount kit will fit (see link). Do you guys have any idea?



That kit comes with (1) ABEC Drive Wheel Kit, you need a kegel pulley for use with those wheels.

What makes you believe these are more stable? I have found that larger & softer wheels are more stable. If you want small’ish wheels that are stable look at these.

You will still need a kegel style pulley for Ollin Popoca’s.

If you want to use an Abec style wheel to match the pulleys that come with the kit, these are incredible wheels.


If you want something that uses the Abec pulleys that come with the kit and is cheaper or not as big these are good wheels as well.


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Or these pulleys for your kegels products/36t-kegel-drive-wheel-pulley-12mm

Sorry, I didn’t give a good reference. They are more stable than the 70-80mm wheels. I will look at the ones that you showed me though. Thanks!

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Ahhh, that makes sense. IMHO 90mm is as small as you wanna go until you have some experience on an esk8. The speeds and ability to accelerate in curves makes esk8’ing a bit different than traditional longboarding so there is a bit of a learning curve.

Good luck on your build, yell if you need any more info.

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Do larger wheels make it harder to curve? Why don’t everyone go with large 90mm wheels?

no, larger wheels are heavier that’s about it. most people gor with 97mm, there’s a lot of people using 107mm wheels.

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Jesus you have made like 9 different posts about this one build. Why not keep it to one damn post.

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