Order Status for my enertion products

Edit: Read this forum http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/dont-email-nonsense-to-enertion-support/7103

To sum it up No one contact enertion unless it is extremely important!! If you have any questions create a new topic or search for the question because it has probably been answered somewhere on this website.

This is a quote of somthing that onloop said… onloop ~ "I might come across like a total fuck wit by saying this…


  • if you expect your order to ship the same day, or maybe next day - don’t order from us…
  • if you don’t know how to build an electric skateboard don’t email us
  • if you are wondering why we haven’t answered your email in a timely fashion don’t email us asking why.
  • Don’t order then in a few days email us asking to cancel & refund… it just take up too much time. just don’t order.
  • Don’t email us asking the date your order will ship, we cannot answer this questions accurately…
  • We have over 300 orders to pack & send, we can only pack about 20-30 each day and we get between 10-20 each day, some parts run out of stock before the new parts arrive… it causes delays. We have no easy way of identifying what orders it will delay & we have no way to increase the speed at which parts get manufactured. It’s first in best dressed.

we get 150-200 emails every day, we cannot actually answer that many emails each day, at best maybe we could answer 100, but no orders would get packed.

we have a new born baby & my wife needs my help

I admit it, it’s a fucking mess. I hired staff to help, but unfortunately, i have had one staff member leave us, we are trying to hire more staff but it takes time.


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:point_up_2:t2: @carl.1 @onloop

@onloop @carl.1 Before placing my order for a Space Cell Pro3 I emailed to confirm they were in stock. I was told they were and it would take approximately two weeks to reach me in Canada. I placed an order on July 5. After a few weeks with no shipping info I contacted support and was told my order would ship by the end of July. To date my order has not shipped. Quite frustrating to say the least.

@EthanJ Sorry to say, but you may have a long wait ahead of you based on my own experience.

we are working our arses off to pack everyones order & send it to 20-30 different countries all over the world…

please give us break… we are not AMAZON!!!

we are extremely understaffed and our systems cannot cope with these constant request for updates.

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It took about 5 days for them to get back to me. Just hang in there man, they do eventually respond. hopefully they’re in the transition of scaling up their staff :wink:

So you made a topic which referred to a no-nonsense update from Onloop, asking people to stop mailing enertion with st* questions. Yet all you need is shipping info? That’s kind of … (staying pollite)

Keep a look in this thread, ordernumbers will eventually pop up:

yes we are trying to scale up our systems… it’s very complex

for instance we have a new chat function on our website that is meant to help us answer basic questions, however, esk8 isn’t really a basic topic, so this has resulted in an increase of 300% inbound emails…

we have around 80000 website visitors each month… its hard to stop people emailing us.

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Hello Jason, I don’t want to stress you but nobody has answered me about what is wrong in my basic cart:

mono drive r-spec pro+ vesc-standard space cell pro3 electric skateboard battery

The more I wait for an answer the more I’ll wait to pay and then get shipped :slight_smile:

PS : the system complain “Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can’t be shipped to your location. Please choose a different delivery address.” PPS: My infos are correct and I won’t change my order :wink:

I’ve found the chat function to be quiet useless actually. It seems like they’re just AI bots that spit out something that somewhat aligns with the question.

Example: “Where do the VESC units ship from?” Chat Answer: “Our Products ship from the US, Australia, and China”

so basically planet earth :neutral_face:. And then when they can’t actually answer it, they forward it to Adam. I can definitely see why you guys are swamped with emails with stupid little questions like that and getting overworked.


The answer I got is also funny

The 2nd of august 2016 I asked:

  • So this mean you’re not going to ship before the 14th of july ? Answer : Yes, possible. But will still confirm with Adam with the follow up I have sent since he’s the one who has access to this.