Orlando Critical Mass - Group Ride - Nov. 24th

Joined in on this last month, there were over 500 bikes, blades & skates.

Last Friday of each month - next one is November 24th.

Meet at my studio @ 5:00pm for adult malted beverages - pre-party is my treat. Lock Haven park is 2 blocks from me. The ride leaves the park at 6:00pm.

My studio: Guido Graphics 2510 N. Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida 32804 321-438-1174 The small 1 lane alley, to right of my building, goes to private free parking in rear. www.FloridaEsk8.club - Please sign up for future notifications!

They only do 5 or 6 miles, but we can thrash downtown and hit some parking garages and area trails afterwards for those who want to keep going.

After party back at my studio - byob (7-11 & a wine store are 1 block away)


Sounds like a blast. O-Town thrashing for the win.


Damn, I’ll be in Orlando from the 23rd to ~26th, but my carvons just gave out. Probs won’t be running until after.

well shit… ina couple months i’ll be up to my eyeballs in carvons…

if you want to come by the shop i can probably get you running on a belt drive temporarily.

Do you plan on going on the ride?

Tentatively. I have a lot of work to do but i’d like to attend and will try.

I’ll probs just join the ride in December when I’m up and running. Got to hang out with the family anyway

It’s a drive for me, but I might make it. I posted this on the Central Esk8 Squad Facebook group.

Hope you can, It will be epic.

Instead of this thread being just for the November ride, we can try to do this ride monthly, I’ll be there at each one I can make.

works for me - I ride damn near every day, unless rain.

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Hello, I live in Orlando. I have a Meepo and Custom built board.

cool, call anytime. I ride daily - always looking for others to go with. 321.438.1174