Others electric mountain board

Hello !! You know brands of electric mountain board that are of high quality as an example the Evolve all terrain? Also know companies/web that have kits conversion for Mountain board. Thanks!!

Trampa and mbs But only trampa has ready to go sets. Usually you need some DIY to get everything together. You search for a ready solution?

Yes, I prefer ready to go or have few modifications to do. I like TRAMPA but I think it does not sell batteries. I have a budget of € 1500 and I do not find many options All Terrain

high quality and Evolve don’t belong in the same sentence!


You can just get hobbyking lipos. There cases fit to them

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OK thank you very much. I thought that the Evolve bamboo gtx, which is as expensive as € 1700 was good quality … Lacroix did not know it but it is clearly above my budget. Any opinion about the Kit scramboards? Should you buy a TRAMPA, which Li-ion battery would be good?

Depends which voltage you wanna run and which distance. Look on hobbyking 5s or 6s lipo 5000mah and 60c. Put them together as 10 or 12s and you good to go

With 2 of them https://hobbyking.com/de_de/turnigy-battery-heavy-duty-5000mah-6s-60c-lipo-pack-xt-90.html

In series you should get about 10-15km range. If you have some more money go for the Graphen lipos, it’s said they last longer and perform better (just what I read, not my experience)

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@davewood1982 is correct Time for a redefinition of “high quality” my friend

Take a look at Kaly…

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I don’t understand, sorry. I always thought that evolve all terrain and trampa urban carver were two good options, but it seems that most users prefer TRAMPA

Evolve’s motors are on the small side for AT, IMO. They also have a reputation for quality control issues and not having high quality battery packs (voltage sag) and their remotes have had a lot of issues in the past.

If you get everything through Trampa and then add a good sized battery pack on top, it’s going to be pretty hard to stay in your budget, IMO… and by that point you’re probably better off getting a Lacroix board (or going through another custom builder like Kaly, etc).


This scramboard Kit can be a good option? I would add wheels and truck tramp and battery 12s6p 30q. All for € 1200 aprox

seems like fantastic deal, but where do you see 12s6p battery?

Yes, there is an option in a drop-down menu to add it. Maybe the worst is the vesc maytech but when they break it can be changed by a focbox unity

i doubt that the offered 250KV Motor is a good choice with a vesc based 4.xx controller on 12S Also the wheight for a complete Board RTR with 12KG i cant believe just my 2 cents

The lacroix board is tops. I’ve ridden moded evolve boards, bajaboards, a trampa street carver, kaly builds, and a lacroix. I’d sell my baja board for a lacroix. imageimageimageimage

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But its not a mountain-board?.. All terrain must be the right category for this board

All terrain is enough for me, no need real Mountain board , I travel hard roads. LACROIX is fine but it is more than € 2000. The only option in this moment is the trampa single motor or scramboard

I had issues with scramboards Vescs… 50% death rate! I’m on direct fet esk8.de now with no issues. Flipsky Vescs seem like a good deal too.