Outsourcing the BMS / Type of Plug

Im trying to have less electronics inside my board, because it could fail, it needs space, who knows.

I want to outsource my BMS with the charger, so i just have a plug. I am charging with 2A and my Batteries are 10S.

I thought about D-Sub because the industry version can withstand about 3A. But you can just plug it in about 100 times before it starts failing.

What other options do i have? Anyone did this already?

So your bms would be plugged into the charger and the bms just connected to a balance wire port, sounds feasible

You lose any additional bms features when ‘onboard’ - discharge protection/ antispark / switch, some bms also have a temp gauge and LCD

So you almost certainly want a good anti spark or loop key

@scepterr has done this, you might be able to get some info from him. I think he used a balance wire plug

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Not pretty was just to see if it works ok like that, it does

Im charging with 2 Amps, so i’ll need at least 11 pins in the plug, since the bms 1. balancing cable uses the +.

I just use the BMS for charging purposes, antispark is my loop key, switch is my loop key.

I just have a totally normal, lame, 10$ BMS from China - but it works fine. I just dont want it because it is very big, and more electronics inside the board is more potential dangers of blowing something up b/c of shorting something while riding.

and yes, the BMS would be plugged in the charger, or maybe i am doing a new housing. Since a balancer for 10S lipos is fucking expensive.

this is a sub-d, right?

thought about that but im looking for something you can plug more often. sub-d has got like 100 plug operations before it breaks.

thought about this

Yeah I would go with a more robust plug for use

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have this one, waterproof and no metal housing

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It has about 1 month delivery, i thought of this one:

Lumberg SV 120 with the Lumberg KFV 120

I have this same one and haven’t had any issues