"Over Current" fault


I have a random “over current” fault on my setup

Trampa MTB Dual Escapes vesc Flipsky 6374 150kv motors 12s Graphene lipo Newest vesc fw (3.40)

Motor max : 70A Motor max brake : -40A Battery max : 60a Battery regen : -40a

When it happens, the board brakes by itself, which is pretty scary.

I have the metr pro module, and both the times it happens for me, it appears in the log (the red vertical line)


What i have noticed i`m doing both the times this happen

  1. Not going very fast, and only braking slightly
  2. My friend which is riding a similar setup, is riding past me.
  3. I only have this fault when riding together with my friend. I`m not sure if this is just a coincidence, or something happens ? We both uses GT2B remote.

One thing like I said those apps don’t know exact current at the time apart fault code log error don’t disconnect power come back home type faults and you will see exact current probably you reached negative limit.

The first time this happen, i did try with fault and faults, without turning the board off. I got none faults… I´m not sure, if the vesc maybe reboots… ??

Next time it happens, i will try with “faults” again though.

I was not braking hard a all, later that day i gave full brake several times without any problems whatsoever.

Both times NOT going very fast and NOT braking very hard

Same problem with both Flipsky 6374 190kv and 150kv motor. I have measured the windings on both 190 and 150kv motors, with my LC meter, they are perfect. So i dont think its a motor problem.

Is it possible your remote is disconnecting due to interference? It sounds like the other remote / board is causing issues.

Hook up your vesc to the computer, and when the board is on look at the PPM signal going to it. It’s probably a slim chance, but it’s possible that the “neutral” signal generated by the receiver when the remote is disconnected is actually a slight brake. If you switch your remote on and off, does the ppm signal change?

EDIT: On second thought this all is probably wrong. Unless it’s possible that on disconnect it’s interpreting a brake spike which causes a fault :man_shrugging:

That does sound like a connection issue. I think that @TowerCrisis is right on the money. My set up does the same thing when the remote disconnects. I had disconnection issues with a faulty flysky receiver and the board would brake by itself. The only other time my board does this is due to over voltage. Full charge, downhill braking. I don’t have any realtime data though to compare.
My advice would be to when riding with your friend to check each others connections before riding to make sure that you are not getting interference. Many evolve riders have to do this.

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But if i turn off my remote to simulate a connection brake , i dont get over-current failure. And i am pretty sure, that a failsafe is not telling the vesc to brake ? I could be wrong though. Maybe i should try with a new receiver.

Update. Now when i think about it, my receiver and receiver antenna, is mountet pretty close to the dual escapes.

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That can’t hurt at all. A lot of this is basic troubleshooting. If you are getting a mixed connection issue with another transmitter who knows what kind of commands yours is receiving. I know that sometimes the evolve remotes do this same thing and riding past another evolve rider can cause either one to brake suddenly. There are a number of videos on the tube that cover this. I have a friend with a carbon gt who panics when he sees another esk8 and slows right down just in case. The fact that both of you are using the same systems does point towards some interference issues though. As for the over voltage thing well that can be the bms shutting things down or the vescs. I have to monitor my charging to keep the voltage under 50.4v to avoid my bms playing god with my face and for this reason will probably go charge only on my next battery but thats going off topic lol. Keep testing and testing and testing etc etc.

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You wouldn’t get an over current fault from it disconnecting, you would get an over current fault from an instantaneous short-lived full brake which wouldn’t cause you to fall, but would be enough to build voltage past the threshold. This would only happen at speed.

Try freewheeling your wheels at max speed and then cutting throttle to zero. Then repeat except instead just turn your remote off or have someone else take it out of rsnge.

If they’re wildly different results then I would be suspicious.

I’m not saying this is the problem, but it’s a good way of ruling out potential causes.

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There is no difference between full throttle and cutting to 0, and full throttle and turning remote off (failsafe) they freewheel in the same way. At least on the bench.But i will try turning my remote off, next time i am out riding.

I will allso try to re-arrange my receiver, and have a new on in the mail as well. But still not sure this would give me the “over current” fault.

Btw. I have no BMS on my MTB.