Overheating Issue FIXED!?!? ENERTION MOTOR 6372 REPLACED

Hello guys, after weeks of re-searching, headeches and frustration I finally fixed the overheating on my board! If you want to read the original post : (UPDATE)Not enough power or lost of it? ENERTION BUILD - #79 by Jinra - ESK8 Electronics - Electric Skateboard Builders Forum | Learn How to Build your own E-board. I asked for help many times and I got a lot of feed back but those options didn’t work. I messaged @chaka because I saw he had a store and he was actively helping others. He assured me that Your VESC is overheating due to the motor pulling a lot of amps. I refused to understand because Enertion tells you that setup will work! I decided to give another expert a shot and bought @chaka’s 170kv motor ( Home | Ollin Board Company) , he was very professional even showed me a video of his motor climbing hillls with no problem. I switched out the motor and did the same 4 mile trail I could never finish with my Enertion 6372 motor due to loose of power and…BAM I was successful, not even a single mph less on every steep hill I did, I even challenged it with 5 super steep hills one after the other and nothing! Maintain a steady speed of 16-18 mph. Again, I want to thanks @chaka for taking the time and troubleshooting me through this and for making me understand what was wrong and proving me with a solution! Thanks for everyone who gave solutions and tried to help me as much as they could ! @Jinra Thanks for everything!

Yesterday the temperature outside was 98 F today is 101 F…


Here is the Video with Ollin 170kv Motor:


Here is the Video with Enertion 6372 R Spec Motor:



I don’t get it , it was the motor by itself that solved the problem? No overheating?

Honestly, it shouldn’t be overheating with the 6372 in the first place. My guess is something’s wrong the motor and perhaps it’s shorting out still.


I can tell you from my own personal experience with a 6372 200kv motor from maytech that it will indeed overheat the VESC on hills regardless of amp settings in a single drive configuration. I have been saying this for awhile now and I am sure we will see more proof in the future since there are many others with this single motor configuration.

Like I said in the past, it has been long established that your motor controller should be matched to your motor. If the motor pulls too many amps it will overheat you motor controller.

In any case it is very fortunate that the original motor was not shorting out otherwise his VESC would have been fried!


Glad you have it sorted out. Do you happen to have a multimeter? Have you or can you do a resistance check on your motor you were having problems with? Can you check the resistance between the 3 power leads,( 3 measurements) and each lead to the ground (case of the motor). Just wondering if these measurements would indicate a problem? Any tests a guy can do to diagnose a faulty motor like yours, without just swapping it out to see what happens?


Ok, so in this case it is not a faulty motor, just the wrong motor for the application?

This a 100% true

Too bad we are a bunch of hacks lol

But guidelines for VECS needs help from the community … Can’t expect @chaka and the like to test every motor in the market and how it reacts to the VECS under certain circumstances. Problem is who’s gonna collect the data and maintain it?

If this was true, shouldn’t the Raptor Mono overheat as well?


I’m sure it does if you try to climb long hills. On the flats these motors perform fine as long as you don’t do a lot of repeated hard accelerations. You could probably get away with it with more gear reduction too. Figure a 20mph top speed?

IMO we really wouldn’t know unless we send @joeadams101 a Raptor to do a comparo on the same hills he’s riding

The boards need to be pushed to the same extreme…anything else would be just educated guesses

It’s really the exact same board. Enertion motor, Enertion drive train, VESC, Space Cell… The only difference would be the VESC parameters, which seemed fine, and the quality of the build.

And the same settings as Enertion too?

See now VESC settings are an important factor too

They are, which is why he went over them a TON in his main thread. None of the adjustments helped.

chaka’s probably right though, too much of a hill for too long may be building too much heat on the 63mm motor.

But let’s be honest…just because he had this experience doesn’t mean this is a issue with everyone…till there is more people coming forward with this issue … Would assume this may be an isolated issue.

Yeah maybe…but def some more feed back from others before a label gets put on

probably mostly a KV thing here tbh. same experience I made - 190KV overheats the vesc uphill, same hill with 168KV is just fine.

the very same effect is achieved by changing the gearing. while 190KV kept overheating the vesc with 16/36T on my daily commute hill, the same motor with 15/36T runs up that hill without an issue.

its kind of a no brainer. to get your weight up a hill, you need a certain amount of torque - a lower KV motor will achieve the same torque as a higher KV motor, but at a lower current = less heat. same effect with the gearing - to generate the same amount of torque, the motor will turn faster with less motor torque = less current = less heat in the vesc.

Reducing kv or reducing the gear ratio produces roughly the same result but…I can take a 200kv 5065 and plow up hills that would lead to overheating if I used a 6372 200kv on the same drive ratio. Its a very simple topic really, common knowledge among the rc crowd. Running a motor too big for your motor controller will lead to problems.


Need to super size a VESC then…no?