Overheating Issue FIXED!?!? ENERTION MOTOR 6372 REPLACED

Need to super size a VESC then…no?

Yep agreed if all else the same

Curious as to why a 170kv was suggested on this 10s setup? Everything I keep reading regarding your motors says 200kv for 10s and 170kv for 12s.

Was this just because the OP wanted to primarily climb hills?

I ask as a potential and probable buyer. :slight_smile:

Torque is what he needed for his needs … Prob would have close to the same issues with the 200kv version

First off - congrats on the new setup and that it’s working well for you!

The logic makes sense, but seems a bit backwards to me. I’d think the larger motor should have more power (more magnets and surface area - especially the 72mm long one vs 55mm one), as well as more cooling surface area?!?

I’m really impressed w/ Ollin’s offerings and seems like some pretty impressive service to boot.

Again - glad you got this sorted and working well for you! It’s likely in the original thread, but how heavy are you? and do you know the grade of that hill in the videos?

@Eboostin I recommended the 170kv because a single 200kv motor might get a little hot with his current gear ratio. Speaking of the motor overheating and not the VESC. This was the easiest solution for him.

@sl33py A smaller motor will “pull” less amps when encountering a load large enough to stall the motor. When you encounter this in larger motors the current demand can easily exceed what the VESC can dissipate resulting in an overheating event.


No kidding, haha

Same would happen with a single 6372 200kv motor if the VESC could handle load. My 200kv maytech got so hot the magnets came loose!

I believe it, just crazy how hot these motors can get.

It will be interesting to see what difference ceramic bearings will make. It would be nice if we can isolate the heat to the stator and motor mount. We could then work on air cooled and eventually water cooled mounts!

That’s some tiny plumbing right there

If a Single 5065 Motor can perform better on a Hill than a 6372,… what use is there for the Larger 63mm motors in E-skate.??

What are your specs kg/lbs that caused the 6372 to overheat?

It is actually the vesc that was overheating. When V6 is finished these big motors will work much better on hills. I still like using large motors with high end rc car esc’s. Lower voltage but lots of torque!

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Will the new V6 have have all the advantages the RC esc’s have for torque ?

My VESC overheats on long steep hills with my single Enertion 6374. Wasn’t really an issue on FOC but after having to get my DRV chip replaced, I’m now sticking to BLDC which obviously seems to produce more heat.

It should be capable of enough throughput to put a lot of ESC’s to shame! Hopefully Vedder will be finished with the firmware changes soon and we can get it into beta production.


Do you expect there will likely be much in the way of power efficiency improvements over the v4.x models? Still contemplating whether to buy another v4.x model or buy 2 v6 models when they’re finally ready…

The only thing I know for certain is they will handle more throughput and should be more resilient. Don’t want to speculate too much at this point.

I actually have this exact same issue but i solved it differently. My setup was a 190 kv enertion 6355, vesc, enertion drive train (16/36), 12s lipo. I tried to tweak with the vesc settings but everytime i would go up a long steep hill i would eventually just go like 2 mph or stall out, and the same thing would happen even if i kept accelerating up and down flat streets (more than 3 times up and down a 50 yard street, accelerating normally after complete stop the vesc needed a break to cool down), i would be pressing the trigger full throttle and id be only going a quarter of the full speed. I got super annoyed and just put my TB 12S ESC on my setup and got rid of the vesc and now everything works normal again. I feel as if it wasnt the motor, it was the vesc.